Eternal Spirits

Hi! I'm Susan Daniels, Founder of Beautiful Souls Life

My PTSD diagnosis came after living with it for over 50 years. So, as someone who is on my own journey of healing, I know how important it is to seek out guidance and understanding. BeautifulSouls.Life is for just that – an inclusive resource for anyone, regardless of their background, who wants to embark on a lifestyle changing journey of healing from PTSD and the resulting anxieties, depression, and drug or alcohol addictions. Or, perhaps you don't have a PTSD diagnosis but feel like you're out of balance and can't control your anxieties, seasonal affective disorder, or simply want to feel better each day than the day before. This site is for you.

There's a wide variety of helpful and holistic wellness topics under the three main categories of "Eternal Spirits", "Beautiful Minds", and"Healthy Bodies", and it's my hope that there's something here for everyone who visits. In the menu above you will find the three main categories along with the drop-down list of sub-categories. You may also select one of the three buttons beneath my photo to go to the category of your choice.

As you scroll down from this message, you will see my latest blog post, with a search bar directly below it. The page continues with the three categories in a magazine layout that highlights posts from each category. You will find posts that inspire you, help you, and make you feel good.

I want to assure you that healing is never a one-size-fits-all process. Rather, it's about exploring what works for others to find the right tools that help you. Together, we light the way!

Warmly, Susan

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