There are so many symbols and meanings in addition to the colors of roses, they are the most popular flower across all cultures. You can easily find a perfect way to express sentiments by sending roses of different colors and in specific numbers depending on the occasion.

Amazingly, roses have over a hundred species, and colors that symbolize various emotions. Thus, you can use them on all occasions to express your emotions. such as joy, love, friendship, peace, sadness, and even spirituality.

Rose is not just a flower, but a perfect way to express several sentiments. It is also beneficial to your mental and behavioral health. Similarly, roses are beneficial for physical health and beauty.  


Cultural and behavioral history of the beautiful rose.

In some religious circles, roses indicate spiritual wellness and the result of God’s hands in people’s lives. Additionally, different cultures associate rose with goodness.

As an example, Greek legend tells us that the red rose is associated with Aphrodite (Venus) – the goddess of love. However, the Rose also symbolizes Christ, for his five bleeding wounds. Teresa McLean declares rose as ‘the most perfect of flowers’. She has mentioned in her book Medieval English Gardens that roses grew without thorns in Paradise, however, the plant bore thorns after the mythical disobedience of Adam and Eve.

Therefore, the thornless rose represents chastity. Of course, it follows that the Virgin Mary came to be known as the ‘mystic rose’, represented by a thornless white rose.

Reports from people who communicate with angels and meditate mention to have smelled the fragrance of rose, which is considered a sign to denote their spiritual presence. Rose petals also symbolize God’s blessings on people in some cultures.

Egyptians in ancient times associated roses with their goddess of love, Isis. Isis helped the dead enter the afterlife. The rose for ancient Egyptians was sacred because it blooms, dies, and blooms again, it symbolizes the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in the afterlife.

Native Americans also viewed wild roses to be sacred and used them as protection against harmful spirits. They would stitch rose motifs in artworks, clothing, and blankets, in addition to using them in food and medicine.

Literary symbolism of the rose.

The Rose flower has been of importance in literature among poets and writers. A famous quote from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet states, ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’. This exclaims that despite the differences between their families the love that Romeo and Juliet shared was genuine.

Some common phrases used by people are: 

  • ‘Stop and smell the roses’ is defined such that one should take a break from their life and enjoy nature. In this digital word we must take a break and appreciate the beauty of nature.
  • ‘Coming up roses’ is synonymous with coming out to be good, or a lucky charm.
  • ‘Every rose has its thorns’ means that even the seemingly perfect people may have their insecurities and problems. It also means that beautiful things can grow out of imperfection or flaws like a rose comes from a thorn.

Species of roses.

Rose family’s species are perennial shrubs, most of them native to Asia or the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Roses are cultivated due to their beautiful shape and colors. Definitely, we cannot be oblivious to their mesmerizing fragrance.

Roses are grown in an amazingly wide range of colors, from yellow and pink to maroon and dark crimson. The parental forms of rose overlap in different regions and climatic conditions in which they grow and thus affect their fragrance. 

Most of the forms of rose that we have now are the result of crossbreeding of fewer than 10 species and most of them are native to Asia. Some roses have hybrid colors, some give rise to rose hips; rose hips of Rugosa rose are high in vitamin C and can be used in tea or preserves.

Major classes of garden roses are hybrid tea roses, Floribunda roses, and Grandiflora roses. The modern varieties of roses include climbing roses, shrub roses, and miniature roses.

  • Climbing roses have slender stems that can be trained to ascend trellises.
  • Shrub roses mature into large bushes.
  • Miniature roses are dwarf plants having tiny rose blossoms. 

10 Varieties of Roses • Their Symbols and Meanings

Different colors of roses symbolize different meanings.

1. Red Roses.

The red rose is considered to symbolize love, romance, and passion. They are thought to be the perfect way to express love. Roses are a classic symbol for “I love you”. People often think of dark and light red colored roses differently. Dark-colored roses signify commitment while the lighter ones convey desire and passion.

2. Pink roses.

Pink roses express gratitude and admiration. If you want to appreciate friends, teachers, or family members, pink roses are an elegant choice. Some people relate pink roses to femininity. So, they use pink roses for the decoration of bridal showers, baby showers for a baby girl, and engagement parties. 

3. White roses.

White roses appear to represent purity and grace. They symbolize eternal loyalty and fresh beginnings, consequently used as popular wedding flowers. They are ideal for unions and weddings. 

4. Ivory roses.

Ivory roses are similar in color to white roses, but they differ in meaning. They mean thoughtfulness along with purity and grace. They are great friendship flowers as they do not have any romantic connotations attached to them.

5. Peach roses.

Peach roses represent gratitude. The lovely peach color in its paler tone matches a lot of home interiors. They are lovely thank-you gifts.

6. Orange roses.

Orange roses signify energy and enthusiasm. The bright orange color lightens up the mind and is a great motivational flower. It is best to gift on new jobs and promotions.

Moreover, they are perfect to send to someone starting a new business or any new venture, or to anyone who needs a little boost.

7. Yellow roses.

Yellow roses are a manifestation of happiness and warmth. Their bright, shiny color is sufficient to bring a smile to anyone’s face. It is commonly referred to as a friendship flower. Interestingly enough, it was meant to symbolize jealousy in Victorian times. For instance, “Green with Envy” is a phrase still used by some in modern times.

8. Green roses.

Green roses express fertility, nature, and rejuvenation. They generally show balance and stability. Due to its color, it expresses hope in difficult times. 

9. Purple roses.

Purple roses personify love at first sight and mesmerism. They are found rarely so they have wizardly connotations are attached to them.

10. Black roses.

Black roses are commonly thought to give a negative message or a message of sadness. They indicate death or passing away. Some people take black roses to mean new birth and confidence, due to the death of old habits and patterns.  

Meanings of rose numbers.

Flowers are an amazing way to express emotions. Roses with their beauty and variety are the perfect flower to represent sentiments. We know that rose colors and types have their specific ways of symbolizing feelings. It nonetheless is not the end, the number of roses sent out or presented to a special person also has notable meanings. 

  • 1 rose bloom is a symbol of love at first sight
  • 2 roses express shared and deep love
  • 3 roses mean “I love you”
  • 6 roses communicate “I want to be yours”
  • 7 roses symbolize infatuation
  • 9 roses imply eternal love
  • 10 roses typify perfection
  • 12 roses are regarded as lover’s special, which means everything at once.

Uses and importance of roses.

  1. Roses are best known as ornamental plants grown for their beautiful blooms both in gardens and indoors. They serve utilitarian purposes for example ground covers, hedging, and slope stabilization.  
  2. Roses have wonderful uses in the commercial perfume industry. Cosmetic industries also use roses in cosmetics.
  3. Herbalists use roses in crafting elixirs and herbal tea.  
  4. Roses are certified to be antiseptic, antioxidant and a rich source of important vitamins like vitamin A, B3, C, D, and E.
  5. Rosewater has tremendous uses for skin and beauty. You can also use rosewater for its soothing and antidepressant effect.
  6. Rose essence and essential oils releases tension in nerves. It is also useful in reducing swelling in capillaries under the skin.You can useRose essential oil with various carrier oils to treat nausea, fatigue, bacterial infections, and dehydration. It is useful to treat serious diseases like ulcers, asthma, and infections in the urinary tract, colon, and stomach. 
  7. You can use Rosewater in jellies and Asian foods.
  8. Rosewater is a constituent of various eye drops and eye care products. It provides a soothing effect to the eyes. 
  9. Rosehips is a great source of vitamin C. Rosehip has a cranberry-like fruity flavor. fresh, dried, and in preserved forms. 
  10. Rose petals are edible. So, you can them to decorate cakes and desserts. 
  11. Rose petal tea relieves the secretion of bile juice and helps in cleansing the gall bladder. It also helps in treating fever and different bronchial infections. Rose petal tea promotes blood circulation.

Effects of rose on mental health.

Rose essential oil is used for aromatherapy. According to research, rose scent stimulates brainpower and improves memory. Rose oil relieves pain by stimulating the brain to release endorphins. Endorphin is a hormone that makes people feel good. It also helps to ease menstrual pain and abdominal cramps when massaged.

Rose oil decreases anxiety and relieves stress. Rose oil is good for high blood pressure and heart rates as it makes people feel better and relieves stress. It is also effective in treating depression, whether it is postpartum depression or any other postoperative depression. It helps relieve symptoms of depression. 

Rose smell and its aromatherapy excite sex hormones, especially in men. People also use roses to decorate rooms for newlyweds. Egyptian myths state that Cleopatra had her living quarter filled ankle-deep with the petals of roses when Mark Antony came to visit her. 

Benefits of rose water for skin.

Rose oil is distilled from roses. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties which makes it quite effective against fungal and microbial infections in the oral cavity, gut, and vagina. Rosewater has an anti-inflammatory effect that makes it safe to use on skin and sensitive areas. Below I am sharing with you my very favorite rose water. My grandson used this during his “teenage blemish” years and it was highly effective in healing infections quickly! His skin improved drastically in a few days after beginning to use this rosewater. I still use it as a skin cleanser and conditioner every day.

Roses are a rich source of various vitamins which help keep the skin healthy and maintain the glow. It is beneficial to remove acne as it provides antioxidants. Rose petals in the dried form are used with water to form a face mask. It works tremendously well in attaining fair and clean skin. Rosewater nourishes skin, it is beneficial for dry skin, and diseases caused by dry skin like dermatitis, eczema, and other similar skin problems. 

Rose oil promotes hair growth by nourishing the scalp and by reviving hair follicles. Beauty industries use roses to prepare a variety of lotions, beauty soaps, and creams.    

Interesting facts about roses.

  1. The rose is from the genus Rosa from the family of Rosaceae. Rosa is further divided into four subgenera: Hulthemia, Hesperrhodos, Platyrhodon, and Rosa.
  2. The flowers of most rose species have five petals that are shed after flowering.
  3. The sharp spikes on rose stems that are usually called thorns are prickles. 
  4. Rose is the national flower of England and the United States. Washington, D.C, New York, Georgia, Iowa, North Dakota all have their different rose varieties as their individual state flowers.
  5. In English history, there are battles called the battles of roses between the House of York and the House of Lancaster because both sides were represented by a rose, white and red rose respectively.
  6. Roses are one of the oldest species of flowers on Mother Earth. Amazingly, their fossils date back to 35 million years!
  7. The cultivation of ornamental roses has been for thousands of years, dating from around 500 BC in China and Persia.
  8. Hybrid roses are a popular form of roses that are produced by crossbreeding two different types of roses. These roses have harder stems and can flower repeatedly. They also tend to have hybrid colors as a trait inherited from both of their parents.
  9. Rose tattoos on men and women express timeless beauty and living from the heart.

The color of roses conclusion.

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