Mid-January is a good time to start sprucing up your decor for a cheerful transition from the Holidays to lasting Winter cheer. Of course, with the long nights of this time of year, you may find joy and solace in refreshing your home’s decor with cheerful Winter color schemes.

Sometimes the long winter nights and cold weather brings out the creativity in us. After all, every human has an innate desire to arrange their surroundings for more comfort but also for uplifting our spirits. Of course, what better time than the still, quiet days when winter colors come out to play?

Are you dreaming about cheerful Winter color schemes for your home? Then, please continue reading for inspiration and tips.

Deep Winter colors with pops of cheer.

Cheerful Winter Color Schemes for Your Joy and Comfort from Beautiful Souls Life

This simple mid-century modern theme is updated with bold yet rich and deeply comfortable Winter colors. It only takes a few flowers in the right tones to bring instant pizazz to an otherwise ordinary scene.

However, incorporating just a few touches here and there is all it takes. Remember, these are strong yet opulent colors, so a little bit goes a long way.

Bright blues color spectrum.

Soothing blues winter color scheme

Playing up the blues against the snowy whites of Winter are a perfect way to give your interior a touch of brightness. Blue looks great with neutral settings as well as more colorful combinations.

Additionally, blue is easy to tone up or tone down with the seasons and blends well with a variety of design themes.

Blue is also widely believed to stimulate creativity so be sure to wear blue if you need to brainstorm about something with your co-workers or friends. Also, people who wear navy blue find that public speaking becomes less uncomfortable, and the words flow more smoothly.

In the aura, blue indicates serenity, contentment and spiritual development. So, look to the skies, the water, the glistening snow of the earth for the lovely benefits that the color of blue brings into our lives.

The warmest deep blues and browns.

3 Cheerful Winter Color Schemes for Your Joy and Comfort Throughout the Winter Months Deep Blues and Browns

If you love toasty yet chic warmth, you’ll love this color scheme. You can go as far as you want with it by using warm throws and wooden furniture.

This is great in a rustic setting with your fire burning brightly while glowing on all the natural elements of the room.

With all-natural materials in these gorgeous tones, along with handmade wooden and natural fiber artwork and decor, you create an atmosphere of complete winter bliss.

This rather earthy color palette is a favorite of many when decorating because it is timeless, and easily fits into most decors. This palette also represents colors of the earth element that creates a sense of stability and protects relationships.

Earthy colors are, therefore, an ideal choice for all zones in the home, and they look especially good in central spaces such as the living room, where they bring calm energy.

Bring a feeling of Mother Nature inside.

3 Cheerful Winter Color Schemes for Your Joy and Comfort Throughout the Winter Months with deep blues, pinks, and greens

Bringing the outside is a great way to balance your decor with Mother Nature. Do you know that you can upload your favorite image with the colors you love to get your own “official” color scheme from which to add decor and design to your home?

The blues of Mother Nature have a calming effect. This is why beaches, the sky, and even a room with blue paint seem relaxing. Blue is the color of sympathy, calmness, peace, harmony, companionship, and trust.

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Go to ColorHunter.com to upload your photo and get your instant color palette. Try uploading as many photos as it takes to find the one you absolutely love! How cool and easy is that?


Use these tips to create the cheerful Winter color schemes that you absolutely adore and then incorporate them into the rooms of your home. This will give you just the lift you need to get through the Winter with absolute comfort in your surroundings.

It is our wish that you find this post enlightening and helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, we love to hear from you in the comments below. Also, kindly accept our invitation to join our group on Facebook to surround yourself with kindred spirits and post your encouraging messages.

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