Beautiful Minds Category

Beautiful Minds Category

Our Beautiful Minds category covers anything pertaining to the mental health of survivors of traumatic events. 

Within our Beautiful Minds category, we also cover a variety of issues such as colors and how they affect our lives. We also go into designing lives and lifestyles that give us healing intimate environments.

Additionally, we offer categories about Mother Earth, Poetry, and more.

Interestingly, Mother Earth is about everything from forest fires to environmental issues and covers anything that has to do with the misuse of the gifts she has given us. But we also want to show the beauty and grandeur that is our precious Mother Earth, and we lift her up with our hearts for worldwide peace and healing.

Bring the Outside In Gallons Of Greenery Beautiful MindsDesigning Lives

Bring the outside in with houseplants, indoor gardens, and lighting to keep those plants green. Enliven your living space with gallons of greenery.

Social Media • Dissolve the Clutter from Your Head Beautiful Minds

Social media clutter in the head is a real thing in our world today. For instance, how about those PiTING! sounds from the cell phone?

10 De-stressing Self-care Activities for Daily Balance Self-Care Tools

When stress is overwhelming, it helps to know in advance the self-care activities that you can employ to get through the crisis.

NASA and ESA Tackle Climate Change Mother Earth

The world’s two largest space science agencies combine forces. NASA and ESA tackle climate change. Read on to find out more.

Productivity Tips for Working from Home Beautiful Minds

Working from home can be stressful. By adopting these seven tips, you can make your work experience less stressful and more productive.

Will the US Keep Depending on Oil and Gas? Beautiful Minds

The US claims it is serious about climate change yet leads the world in oil and gas consumption. Will the US keep depending on Oil and Gas?

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