Benefits of Argan Oil • Argania Spinosa

Benefits of Argan Oil • Argania Spinosa

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Argan oil is commonly known as Moroccan oil because of its origin. Often used in skin-care products, Argan oil is referred to as liquid gold because of its amber color and numerous benefits. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 6, antioxidants, and fatty acids. These compounds are very beneficial for your hair and skin.

Although Argan oil is fairly new to the cosmetics and beauty industry, however, Moroccan women were using it for thousands of years. It moisturizes dry skin and prevents wrinkles. This is also used as a skin cleanser and hair conditioner. It promotes growth which is why it is also used in hair loss treatment methods. It also reduces stretch marks.

Native to Morocco, Argan oil is obtained from the Argan tree. It is found in the nuts present in the fruit of the tree. This is one of the rarest oils in the world with thousands of benefits. It is also used in the kitchen as it is popular for its health benefits and has a mild flavor. Just like olive oil, it has cardiovascular benefits and is good for heart health. However, unlike olive oil, it is hard to find.

What are the Benefits of Argan Oil?

Also referred to in some corners of the world as Morocco oil, it is beneficial for health, skin, and hair. There are several benefits of Argan oil. Below, you will find some intriguing facts about the benefits of Argan oil.

➳ Reduces signs of aging.

➳ It’s a fantastic moisturizer.

Argan oil contains nutrients oleic acids and fatty acids that help in maintaining healthy skin. You can apply it directly to the skin and hair to moisturize them. Because of its rejuvenating properties, it also reduces hair loss and split ends.

➳ It aids in the reduction of stretch marks.

After painful childbirth, Argan oil can be your best friend to reduce stretch marks and itching. It also reduces inflammatory effects by improving skin elasticity.

➳ Argan oil slows the growth of cancer cells.

According to one study, Argan oil inhibits cancer cell growth by 50%. It slows down the growth of cancer cells and prevents the reproduction of these cells.

➳ The fatty acids improve heart health.

Like avocado oil and olive oil, Argan oil also improves heart health. It contains fatty acids that promote good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol. Therefore, it reduces cardiovascular risk.

➳ Argan oil helps to inhibits sun damage.

Argan oil contains vitamin E that prevents sunspots. Even if the sun has damaged your skin, it is the solution. It fades the sunspot and gives skin a glowing effect. It also prevents skin from ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, Argan oil is also beneficial for diabetes and chickenpox.

Argan Oil as a carrier oil.

Argan oil is a perfect carrier oil and is wonderful for mixing with your essential oils for many uses, including uses for skin care and as a remedy for hair loss.

If you have included Argan oil in your skincare routine, then you must have witnessed the miraculous advantages of it. According to the dermatologist, omega 3 fatty acids present in Argan oil promote collagen formation that helps to reduce wrinkles and lines.

Argan oil can also treat various kinds of skin conditions, such as eczema, acne, and skin infection. It also contains anti-bacterial properties. That is why it is a common ingredient in lotion, face cream, shampoo, moisturizer, and ointment.

You can also use Argan oil as a massage ointment after a hectic day. A relaxing argan oil massage can provide relieve stress. It also helps in repairing damaged body skin and hydrates the body’s skin. It also lightens the skin tone by reducing sunspots and scars.

Argan oil for acne.

Argan oil is great when it comes to fighting acne. It not only cures acne but also fades acne scars. Vitamin E, antioxidants, and nutrients in the oil promote elasticity and skin rejuvenation. It also serves as a natural moisturizer and keeps skin hydrated. It is the key ingredient in acne remedies. This is because it aids exfoliation. It also heals and repairs the damaged skin. It also reduces any inflammatory effect caused by direct exposure to the sun.

Inspiration for Common Uses of Argan Oil

Argan oil is a concoction with extraordinary benefits. You can eat it as well as apply it to your skin or hair. You can also use it as a hair mask, shampoo, and conditioner. Moreover, it prevents hair breakage and promotes hair growth. Below, you will find a list of useful ways that you can apply argan oil.

  1. Apply a few drops of oil to your scalp.
  2. Massage your head for 15 minutes with the help of your fingers.
  3. Let nutrients absorb in your scalp for few hours.
  4. Wash your hair gently and see the difference.

Argan oil is a perfect face mask to hydrate and moisturize your skin. However, you can achieve the best result with three simple steps as follows.

  1. First, rinse your face with cold water.
  2. After that apply few drops of Argan oil once the face is dry.
  3. Then, gently massage your face in a circular motion.
  4. Leave it for 10 minutes.
  5. In the end, wash your face and witness rosy skin.

Argan oil also has culinary uses.

We can also use it as a cooking oil. How versatile is that? Here are the ways you can use argan oil in your kitchen!

  1. You can use it in salads.
  2. Many Moroccan women use Argan oil as an essential ingredient in their diet.
  3. Because of its mild, and spicy taste, it adds extra flavor to the food.
  4. By drizzling it on pasta and stew you can obtain an innovative nutty flavor.

Despite numerous health and skin benefits, argan oil still remains underrated. A lot of scientific studies are required to discover the miraculous properties of the compound which is derived from the argan tree. Although we are aware of its skin and hair benefits, its health advantages remain unexplored.

This article aims to provide information about the advantages of Argan oil to benefit you. Through these articles, I am trying to spread positivity and love as all people of Mother Earth must continue to learn. You may continue to learn more about the body, spirit, and mental health with us. Beautiful lives with Susan aims to spread light amidst darkness as together we light the way.


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