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“When you light a smudge stick you are connecting with a spiritual tradition that originates from the depths of time.” The Smudging and Blessings Book, Inspirational Rituals to Cleanse and Heal.

For thousands of years, Native North American traditions have used blessings and rituals for many purposes such as honoring the passing of the seasons or healing the sick. But, these traditions are worldwide. In fact, historically you can find them in ancient civilizations all over the world. Those include the most traditional cultures around the world such as the Balinese, Chinese, Zulus, or the Maoris.

But you don’t have to be from an ancient or colorful culture of any type to learn about blessings and rituals. Instead, these are gifts that are free to those who seek answers and solutions. It’s just that for so many decades now, since the beginning of the industrial revolution, so many good practices have been pushed aside for a faster pace of life.

Blessings and rituals use energy in a positive and healthy way. Moreover, getting back to that which we were made to forget is a fundamental return to truth and authenticity.

Blessings & Rituals • Deep Relaxation

To thoroughly enjoy your rituals, you must first achieve deep relaxation and this exercise is a great place to start.

Blessings and Rituals • Using Essential Oils

Many often use essential oils to induce spiritual experiences or simply use them for their routines to maintain daily balance.

Blessings and rituals for your bedroom

With blessings for your bedroom, you welcome the beautiful, positive energy into your life. You can fill your bedroom with love and happiness.

Clearing your space of negative energies.

Just as you clear negative energies from yourself, clearing your space from old or stagnant energies is possible by following these steps.

How to contact your spiritual animal

When you learn how to contact your Spirit Animal, you gain an ally that will help you with your smudge rituals and your entire life.

Self-Clearing of Negative Energy

Self-clearing of negative energy benefits you by leaving you with a sense of perfect balance. You’re invited to try this potent cleansing.

Intro to Healing and Cleansing

Do you want to know more about blessings and rituals? Here’s your guide through each step of performing your own ritual blessing.

Ritual and Blessings Cleanse Your Home - Sage stick burning in brass shallow bowl.

Before you move in, it’s important to cleanse your home by clearing out all the negative energy that you can feel in the space.

Blessings and Rituals Awareness of Subtle Energy

Most of us seek peace of mind. But we fail to realize that the most profound changes in life happen inside us, through our subtle energy.

Blessings and Rituals • New Home Blessing

Call upon the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air for a new home blessing or for your current home as well. Keep reading to learn how.

Blessings & Rituals • Aura Cleansing

Visualization aura cleansing is a ritual for clearing your aura and providing protection while you are performing rituals and blessings.

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