Your home is a manifestation of your body and soul. With a house blessing and cleansing, especially blessings for your bedroom, you welcome the beautiful, positive energy into your life. This blessing isn’t an elaborate process. Rather, it’s a small ritual that you can use to fill your bedroom with love and happiness. Of course, you can adapt this to use for blessing any room in your house!

It is important to do blessings and rituals when you move into a new home or you are facing some challenges in life. Blessing the home you are already living in can help you get rid of all negative aura and making space for more positive vibrations.

If you recently married or you are new parents, blessing the bedroom is a wonderful gesture as it’s sure to add to your happiness. Also, consider conducting a bedroom blessing right before starting a new phase of your life. Doing so helps keep you fresh and full of motivation.

However, before conducting any blessing, it is better to clear the clutter in the bedroom. Ensure that you clean and wipe down all dirty areas, remove debris, and smudge the area.

Now let’s discuss how to conduct blessing in the bedroom. But, first, remember to gather your tools. If you need more information about the tools you will need for your blessings and rituals, click here.

➳ The tools to gather:

  • Smudge stick
  • Matches
  • Bowl or shell
  • Large feather
  • Pink candle
  • Lavender essential oil plus a burner or bowl of warm water
  • Pebble gems or rose quartz crystals

5 Steps to Your Bedroom Blessing

Step One • Play some calming music.

Then, smudge the room, go sit in the center of the room, and breathe quietly. Use this healing music list to find the right background music for your blessing.

Step Two • Light a candle.


Light a candle of light pink color as it is the color of kindness and love. Then say this, “May my spiritual guardian come near and bring love and peace to this room.”

Step Three • The Lavender Essential Oils.


Next, gently drip lavender essential oil into a warm bowl of water. As each drop of oil hits the water, imagine it spreading a warm energy around the entire room. Also, imagine your spiritual guardian warmly smiling at the lovely scent of the lavender.

Then ask the spirits of the lavender to bring peace and relaxation into the bedroom.

Step Four • Perform the aura cleansing ritual.

Next, you must perform the aura cleansing ritual. Although for this blessing, you must fill your aura with a beautiful soft pinkish-gold color. Allow that aura to spread across the room and fill it with the pinkish-gold light.

Step Five • Crystals and Gratitude to Finish.


Finish your bedroom blessing with crystals and gratitude. Now, place your favorite crystals in your hand. Then, imagine each gem with the pinkish gold light emanating from the crystal. Next, place a crystal in each corner of the room. This action serves to hold the love and light in the room as a never-ending blessing.

Remember to thank your spiritual guide for their help and ask for their blessing of protection. Finally, it’s time to blow out the candle. If you wish, you can leave the warm bowl of water with the lavender oil in the room for a day or two.

Resource for Blessings and Rituals.

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