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Colors hold energy that affects the viewers. They amazingly affect our emotions, and as a result, our behaviors. Colors are also a source of information. Even though how color affects you might derive from personal experiences, the psychology and science of color show us that there’s far more to it than “meets the eye.”

As Wassily Kandinsky once said, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” Colors influence us. We all associate a certain feeling and different concepts with each color. Although the impact of colors can be subjective, it can also be universal or according to the surroundings we are living in. Similarly, our color perception can be rooted in our own experiences and cultures. Regardless, the fact remains that colors impact our mood, feelings, and behaviors.

Colors are a powerful means of communication. We know them for their in-depth meanings and symbols. Colors also affect our mood, feelings, and behavior. They are also used in literature as symbols.

For instance, the blue walls of the room depict sadness. Artists, designers, and advertising agencies also believe that colors can influence human behavior. They have a strong psychological effect on humans. Therefore, colors touch our senses, influence our feelings and evoke certain reactions.

From love to grief, colors impact mood and thereby communicate emotions.

Impact of colors on moods, feelings, and behaviors

The impact of colors, feelings, and behaviors is subjective, it is also a strong factor in our intimate environments.

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