The healing world of crystals derives from both science and spirituality. It’s a look at the benefits of using crystals in your blessings and rituals. However, we also cover the scientific aspect of crystals. Today, we also take a look at historical uses of crystals through the ages in our crystals category. Since the days of Aristotle and Plato, you can read lots of theories about crystals.

Are you aware that there was a time when scientists believed crystals to be extreme ice that cannot melt? But, why a crystals category on this blog? The answer to that question depends on who you are. If you’re a jeweler, you most likely believe the gemstones are the most beautiful. One thing is for sure, when using them in jewelry, they are the most expensive. On the other hand, if you are an historian, you know that gemstones have been in use since antiquity so they are a way of interpreting historical findings.

But, how does one explain or harness the energy of healing crystals? This series of posts combines history, and science while giving you a view of both the spiritual and therapeutic uses of crystals. By reading this series in the crystals category, you learn, among other things, where crystals come from. Interestingly, there is also a post about Shamanism and crystals.

This gives you an understanding of the energy of vibrational healing. I especially recommend the post about crystals and light and how they refract off each other. You also learn how to cleanse and charge your crystals for using your crystals in meditation and visualization. We will also go over how to harmonize your chakras and auras using crystals. So, I invite you to learn how to use crystals for your own well-being as we delve into their benefits of healing energy for spirit, mind, and body balance.

Beautiful Souls Life Crystals Category
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