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The healing world of crystals light and power derives from both science and spirituality. It’s a look at the benefits of using crystals in your blessings and rituals. However, we also cover the scientific aspect of crystals. Today, we also take a look at historical uses of crystals through the ages in our crystals category. Since the days of Aristotle and Plato, you can read lots of theories about crystals. Do you know there was a time when scientists believed crystals to be extreme ice that cannot melt?

But, why a crystals category on this blog? The answer to that question depends on who you are. If you’re a jeweler, you most likely believe the gemstones are the most beautiful. One thing is for sure, when using them in jewelry, they are the most expensive. On the other hand, if you are an historian, you know that gemstones have been in use since antiquity so they are a way of interpreting historical findings.

For this category, I use the phrase ‘crystals light, and power’ simply because they are so sparkling and hold amazing energy. But, how does one explain or harness the energy of healing crystals? This series of posts combines history, and science while giving you a view of both the spiritual and therapeutic uses of crystals.

By reading this series in the crystals category, you learn, among other things, where crystals come from. Interestingly, there is also a post about Shamanism and crystals. This gives you an understanding of the energy of vibration healing. I especially recommend the post about crystals and light and how they refract off each other.

You also learn how to cleanse and charge your crystals for using your crystals in meditation and visualization. We will also go over how to harmonize your chakras and auras using crystals. So, I invite you to learn how to use crystals for your own well-being as we delve into their benefits of healing energy for spirit, mind, and body balance.

The World of Crystals Through the Ages Crystals

Crystals Thru the Ages • Looking Back

Before digging into the qualities of individual types of crystals, let’s learn some interesting facts about crystals through the ages.

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The Amazing Healing Benefits of Crystals Crystals

The Amazing Healing Benefits of Crystals • Introduction

Join me on this journey while I revisit my childhood passion and learn more about the amazing world of crystals.

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Crystal Structure • The Form Behind the Sparkle Crystals

Crystal Structure • The Form Behind the Sparkle

Welcome to another in a series of posts about crystals with this post being about crystal structure and how it gets its spectacular sparkle.

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Three different colors of revolving crystal formations of blue, red, and green Crystals

Crystal Science • How Crystals Form

Crystal science begins with the crust of the earth. Do you realize that Mother Earth comprises 85% crystal? How’s that for magnitude?

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The Symbiotic World of Chakras and Crystals Crystals

The Symbiotic World of Chakras and Crystals

Please enjoy this list of the chakras and crystals. This is a great place to start learning about your chakras and collecting crystals.

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How To Select The Right Crystal Healing Stones Crystals

Selecting the Right Crystal Healing Stones

Please continue reading to learn a few basic tips and techniques for selecting the right crystal healing stones for your eprsonal benefit.

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Crystals The Spark Behind the Sparkle Crystals

Crystal Electricity • The Sparkle that Ignites

Do you know about some of the ways our industrial society benefits from crystal electricity? Keep reading for fascinating facts.

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Crystals and Light • The Fascinating Science Crystals

Crystals and Light • The Fascinating Science

The science about crystals and light and how they refract off each other is fascinating. Learn about the science in easy to understand terms.

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Crystals and Shamanism Crystals

Shamanism • Crystal Tears of Sky Spirits

Shamanism personalizes nature and sees humans and the earth as reflections of each other. The history of shamanism is fascinating!

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