Gratitude Journal PDF Download with Canva Template

It’s little tools like this that serve to make a positive difference in your days. When journaling about feelings and thoughts around current events, it also serves to relieve a great deal of inner turmoil and therefore stress.

Through the use of daily journals, some report that they are able to identify triggers and responses which helps in reducing recurrences of anxieties. It’s also a great way to track your life from day to day and look back to see where you’re improving or perhaps need more work.

To use these journals, find a quiet space to be alone with your thoughts and unwind. Take some deep breaths. You might even burn some incense. Then, sit down with pencil or pen and print out in hand and begin your journal. If you don’t have a quiet space set aside in your home for reflection or meditation, perhaps now is a good time to consider it.

I plan to create more journals so, download, print, journal, send me your suggestions and come back later for more Beautiful Journals, designed by Elegant Content Guru for Beautiful Souls Life.

Select the little folder with the down arrow on the top right section over the document to download your PDF for 8.5" x 11" printing.

Or, if you prefer you may tap on the image below to go to a Canva Template that you can personalize with your name.

Also make use of the printing services directly from Canva, which is nice if you don't want to use all your ink.

Susan's Gratitude Affirmation Journal
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