Healthy House Plants

Welcome to the category for healthy plants. Healthy plants fill our lives with clean air and natural beauty. From our fresh vegetables to house plants to outside gardens, we can’t live without them. Moreover, by surrounding ourselves with the right plants, our quality of life increases through the many health benefits we derive from them. Of course, on this site, we want to know more about plants that help us with anxiety and depression. Something I know for sure is that our spirit, mind, and body balance is dependent on the quality of our relationship with the healthy plants of mother earth. The awareness of this fundamental human truth is easy to maintain because it is the most natural way to live.

As awareness grows we naturally seek new and uplifting ways to achieve harmony with nature. But, like any relationship, it takes constant maintenance and attention to detail. The great news is that this is not new information. Rather, it comes from thousands upon thousands of years of humans experimenting with the fauna around them and then recording the uses and their findings. So, this is ancient knowledge that perhaps because of the industrial revolution got swept under the rug and forgotten by many. However, many are now aware that we must remember that which we have forgotten.

So, from the herbs and spices that are all-natural vitamins in a spice bottle to the house plants that dissolve toxins from the air that we breathe, to the gardens in our yards, enjoy this category that is all about healthy plants.

Luxury Cat Tree with Leaves
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