Are you tired of turning and tossing in your bed every night? If yes, you’re not alone. According to the statistics, nearly 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder. 

There are different reasons for not getting the right amount of sleep. Also, what you experience might not be the same as someone else. But most of the factors we talk about in this post connect to your mental state.

The simple fact is, a relaxed mind helps you sleep better. That’s why relaxing sounds are gaining fame; they claim to calm your brain. Is it so? Keep on reading to learn more about how relaxing sounds help us to sleep. 

Relaxing sounds have lower frequencies.

Your brain continues to interpret sounds even while you’re sleeping. Listening to the sounds that disturb your sleep may lead to a sleep disorder. For instance, high-frequency sounds stimulate your brain’s fight-or-flight response, making your body feel naturally stressed. 

However, on the other side, relaxing sounds have lower frequencies with a pleasant pitch. Their continuous calming pitch creates a background sound in your mind, helping it focus and relax. 

Here are some relaxing sounds that I recommend you research and find online on venues such as YouTube, Spotify, Soundtrack, and other music streaming apps: 

Here’s how relaxing sounds help us sleep.

There are many studies that prove the positive effect of these sounds on sleep. I am going to discuss a few of them in this article:

1. Relaxing sounds alter the natural response of your brain. 

Following the fact that “relaxing sounds calm your brain with their lower frequencies,” they alter your brain’s natural response. 

People who suffer from insomnia or any other sleep disorder complain about a wondering mind and depression. Of course, that means their stress-response system is always active, resulting in an anxious state of mind. 

Listening to the relaxing sounds, such as the rustling of leaves or ocean waves, helps the mind relax, making your whole body feel calm. The calmness allows you a greater degree of focus as well.

2. They also trigger serotonin production. 

Depression also makes it difficult to sleep. But, listening to these soothing sounds helps release “serotonin,” which is a feel-good hormone. However, amazingly, this serotonin release helps your body relax, resulting in a good amount of sleep.

Moreover, feeling good helps you fall asleep faster, as it distracts your mind from the usual wandering thoughts. For instance, it is so easy to start thinking about your to-do list or your incomplete project. However, listening to soothing sounds helps smooth you into sleep without so many distractions.

3. Some types of sounds mask noise.

It’s difficult to fall asleep in a noisy room or with disturbances by movements around you. However, you can use relaxing sounds, to deal with all these situations. They mask all other noises, providing you with a cozy atmosphere. Just put on your headphones and get a relaxing time of snoozing!  

4. How to try relaxing sounds for sleep.

Nature is the best source of relaxing sounds. But, if you don’t have natural surroundings, you can listen to the recorded natural sounds, such as the sound of the pouring rain.

All other sounds that take you into a deep slumber are available on YouTube, Spotify, Soundtrack, and other music streaming apps. 

In conclusion.

There’s an entire world of sounds out there. But your personal taste dictates what sound you find comforting. For some, it’s the sound of nature, and for others, it’s slow jazz music.

Hawley Montgomery-Downs, Neuroscientist at West Virginia University, suggests trying different relaxing sounds for a few nights to figure out the sound that suits you best.

Your brain continues to interpret voices even while you're sleeping. Amazingly, nature is the best source of relaxing sounds.

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