The Gratefulness of the Ageless Spirit

The Ageless Spirit

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I saw this post about aging yesterday and it really spoke to my heart – I perceive it as an ageless spirit talking to us all. As I have aged, I have gained patience for things that I had no tolerance for when I was younger. Of course, I also find enjoyment in slowing down and smelling the flowers!

However, I often think about the memories of my child hood while looking forward to the realms beyond when I no longer walk this earth in this form. That’s what ageless spirit means to me – an eternity of growing and learning.

However, in reflections on living life, some things were very important to me that no longer hold any value. All-in-all, this writing encompasses some feelings and awareness about the gratefulness of the ageless spirit. So, I invite you to continue reading and let it set with you for a while. Then, go to the comment section below and tell me what you’re grateful for today!

“I counted my years and I found out that I have less time to live here than I have ever lived.

I now have no time for endless meetings, where we discuss statutes, rules, procedures, and internal rules, knowing that it will not combine anything…

I don’t have time to support absurd people who, despite their age, have not grown up.

I don’t have time to negotiate with mediocrity. I don’t want to be in meetings where people and their ego March.

People don’t discuss content, barely titles

My time is too weak to discuss titles.

I want to live next to human people, very human.

Who knows how to smile from his mistakes.

Who doesn’t glorify victories?

May he defend human dignity and that he only wishes to be on the side of truth and honesty.

The main thing is what makes life worth living.

I want to surround myself with people who know how to get to the heart of people

The people to whom the hard blows of life have learned to grow with thin caresses in the soul.

Yes … I can’t wait … to live with intensity, that only maturity can give me.

I demand not to waste a candy from the ones I have left…

I’m sure they’ll be more delicious than the ones I’ve eaten so far. No one escapes rich, poor smart, poor…”

Written by Author, André Paul Guillaume Gide who received The Nobel Prize in Literature in 1947

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