Why I Identify with the Oppressed

Why I Identify with the Oppressed

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Identify with those who are seemingly not in your ‘social realm’ and prepare for the backlash. You see, ignorance has no intelligent, racial, financial, or moral boundary.

What’s more, I don’t use the word ‘ignorance’ in a negative way because if you don’t know something, you don’t know. However, the right knowledge is historically and presently so important. One certain truth in my life is that I identify with the oppressed.

Open Communication is Key

I think the important message in this post below is to openly communicate with each other. We live in the greatest age of communication that has ever existed! Yet, it seems there are rifts developing – deep rifts – that came into the spotlight through temporary poor leadership. However, communication is more important now than ever before.

“Conversations are the last tools people have before they pick up the guns.”

Theo E.J. Wilson

Energy is Constant

The fascinating thing about becoming more aware is that you inherently share it with those in your life. What’s more, like the ripple in the pond, the energy of the enlightened group spreads to all those around them. Now that’s something with which we can all identify.

You see, we are all made up of energy (which I like to lovingly refer to as Stardust), so when one group of people are enlightened, their energy is raised to a higher level than it was before.

Spiritual energy is no less real than any other energy, like electricity for example, but is vastly more important. Spiritual energy is prana (also known as “universal life force” or “qi”) carried by pure love.

The Aetherius Society

That’s how energy works. Moreover, everything, absolutely everything is made up of some kind of energy. High energy or low energy — you choose. Either way, This energy will spread to everyone around when the enlightenment occurs.

So yes, I identify with the oppressed. Every generation has new pain points imposed by society, no matter who you are or where you live. It’s what we do with the pain that counts towards a better today and tomorrow. Moreover, pain is what opens us up to new beginnings and even heaven on earth as we continue to strive for awareness.


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Spread the love and hope

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