Self-help resources for the relief of stress and anxieties.

Eternal Spirits

We believe that all spiritual paths lead to the light of eternal love and healing.

Beautiful Minds

We stand in support of all survivors of traumatic events, foreign or domestic.

Healthy Bodies

We promote good nutrition to heal from the effects of trauma.

Beautiful Souls Life

About Us

My diagnosis for post-traumatic stress disorder came after living with it for over 50 years. At last, I found the right diagnosis and therapy while becoming more aware of the beautiful world around me.

After discovering a myriad of solutions for myself, I created this site to be a resource for healing for all who experience trauma.

I hope you find inspiration to follow a journey in which life decisions are based in love and hope, not in fear. You are invited to join us on our Facebook Group: Beautiful Souls Life • Spirit Mind Body Balance. Namaste!

5th Chakra • Blue Color of Spirituality • Throat Chakra

The color blue sooths and brings harmonic calmness into our lives. It is also the color of the 5th Chakra, also known as the Throat Chakra.

Daily Gratitude Journal with purple to pink flowers in background.

Use your free Daily Balance Journals to identify triggers and look at how stress blows things out of proportion and how to see the truth.

Saving the rain forests of mother earth

Humans glorify explorers and scientists but then ignore their warnings. In continuing to conquer and fill deep pockets, the earth is literally being destroyed by its own inhabitants.

Reforestation after a Forest Fire

A forest’s ecosystem is severely impacted when there’s a fire. Reforestation after a forest fire is critical for the survival of wildlife.

Sea and Corals Subtle Shades of Harmony - video of under the sea with gorgeous corals and salt water fish of multi colors.

Join us today to learn about the virtues of the coral reefs of the sea and the rapid decline of the coral reefs around the world.

Reforestation Tree-huggers and Loggers Partner to Save our Forests - image of clear cutting in an Oregon forest.

Reforestation, tree-huggers and loggers coming together to bring lasting solutions to Mother Earth with the spirit of cooperation.

10 Top Air Polluting Countries of Mother Earth - Earth from space with a revolving blue horizon and stars in the top.

We must forever fight to improve and think about ways to protect life on mother earth. Enemies of this fight are air polluting countries.

The Wellness Balance • Your Guide to Fitness and Self-Care

Including fitness in your daily routine helps control weight, reduces heart disease and improves your overall mood and sense of well-being.


Rosemary is an aromatic herb that we all know but do you know it improves memory and relieves minor pain? Also, rosemary can be grown at home!


Turmeric has been around for more than 5,000 years as both a spice and antidepressant. Read to learn more.

Soothing Support for When You Over Do It

Deep Blue® is a wonderful way to relieve minor aches and pains throughout your day. It is designed to provide soothing support.

Marianne Williamson Our Collective Immune System

If this is something you tend to overlook, you’re not alone. So many things affect our immune system and stress is a big perpetrator.

Peppermint Plants and Essential Oils

I successfully use Peppermint essential oils to relieve anxiety on a regular basis. Also, peppermint adds clarity to thought processes.

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