Eternal Spirits Category

Eternal Spirits Category

Eternal Spirits is our category for spirituality. We believe that all spiritual paths lead to the light of eternal love and healing. We also know that when one person or group finds enlightenment, that same positive energy flows to all those around.

Strive to find your spirituality in the awareness that opens your heart. This is the great miracle of the inherent human ability to increase awareness as lifelong learning continues.

Sub-categories are chakras, blessings & rituals, crystals, and healing music.

4th Chakra Healing Heart Music Video Chakras

The 4th Chakra or Anahata is represented by a lotus with 12 petals. It’s also represented by the green color of spirituality.

The Amazing Healing World of Crystals Cover CrystalsFeatured

Join me on this journey while I revisit my childhood passion and learn more about the amazing world of crystals.

Shaman Angel Healing Music Healing Video FeaturedHealing MusicMeditation

Shaman Angel Music For Healing and Cleansing. Listen to this Angel Music meditation video and tune into the wisdom of the Universe.

Om Mantra Eternal Spirits

The 639 Hz Om Mantra is a frequency filled with love and positive energy to help relieve stress and anxieties.

Meditation woman relaxing Beautiful MindsDesigning LivesMeditation

Meditation is an excellent source of relaxation after or before a stressful event in your life. Here’s an easy introduction just for you.

Navajo Drumbeats Healing Video FeaturedHealing Music

This recording uses Solfeggio 417 Hz and 528 Hz with deep mesmerizing Navajo drumbeats to heal and remove the adverse blockage.

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