Healthy Bodies Category

Healthy Bodies Category

Healthy Bodies explores healthy eating, clean living, and adequate exercise to achieve balance. We also learn that herbs and spices not only add excitement for our taste buds, but also provide amazing nutrients that everybody needs. In addition, as an enhancement to our health and intimate environment, essential oils help us heal and maintain a more serene balance. In this category, we also include posts about living a healthy senior lifestyle.

Healthy Bodies encourages learning about holistic nutrition to gift ourselves the strength to heal from trauma and daily stress.  You will also find the sub-categories of essential oils, healthy house plants, herbs and spices, and senior lifestyles.

12 essential reasons to journal for an amazing lifestyle Meditation techniquesSelf-Care Tools

Keeping a daily journal is an excellent source for stress relief techniques using natural resources and good common sense.

10 Colors of Roses • Their Symbols and Meanings Flower Power

There are many colors, symbolisms and meanings of roses. Read to learning about the feelings behind the flowers.

12 Superfoods for Lower Stress Levels Healthy Eating

Superfoods are rich nutrient foods that contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Moreover, some superfoods lower stress and anxiety.

10 Ways to Feel Better Fast by Being Prepared Essential OilsFlower PowerHealthy BodiesHealthy Eating

Do you want to learn how to feel better faster after an event that leaves you reeling? Here are 10 easy ways to help you feel better fast!

5 Benefits of Enjoying Sage Essential Oils

Uses of sage include an antibacterial effect, so when you smudge, you are also cleansing the air of contaminants.

The Scent Of Jasmine Naturally Uplifts Your Spirits (Pinterest Pin Essential OilsHealthy Bodies

The scent of Jasmine has been a favorite of mine since the mid-70s when Ciara was my favorite fragrance. Learn about the myriad of benefits!

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