If your view of a healthy routine is restricted to a vigorous 60-minute workout every day at the gym, you’re missing a whole set of factors that affect how you look and feel. Health is about more than maintaining a buff body and a trim waistline. Rather, it involves everything from proper nutrition to emotional regeneration.

You may look like a body-sculpting athlete. However, if you feel frustration at the end of each day, it’s a sure sign you’re missing the big picture which is the importance of achieving a healthy spirit-mind-body connection. It’s a highly personal endeavor, and the best way to achieve it is by doing it your way. In other words, you must engage in a healthy routine that you find meaningful and enjoyable.

Practicing self-care strategies helps you address mental and emotional needs that have as much to do with your overall well-being as pumping iron and your morning run. So, if this piques your interest I invite you to continue reading to learn more about how to design a health routine that helps you achieve spirit-mind-body balance.

Achieve Your Spirit-Mind-Body Balance with Your Own Healthy Routine (Video)


➳ Begin a Healthy Routine of Organization

Studies make a connection between clutter and stress. Living and working in a disorganized mess leaves you feeling out of control, anxious and unsettled. It creates feelings of guilt and even inhibits productivity.

That’s why it’s so important to jettison the items you no longer need. Purging the excess will make it easier to stay organized and to achieve personal goals at work and in your personal life.

➳ Learn Deep Breathing Techniques

Deep breathing exercises can help facilitate a spirit-mind-body connection. It’s a deeply meditative practice that emphasizes concentration and provides a release from the oppression of mental strain. If you’re new to the practice, try breathing in for four seconds, hold it for seven seconds, exhale for eight seconds and repeat.

As you do, try focusing on a keyword or phrase to help block out any negative thoughts or images. It can take some time to get the hang of this practice, so go easy on yourself if your thoughts wander. You can also try incorporating apps to help you get started on this healthy routine.

➳ Stay on Top of Your Check-Ups

It might not be the most enjoyable form of self-care, but making an appointment with your doctor for an annual check-up and actually following through with that appointment will help ensure that you stay healthy for the long term. Not only can your doctor give you plenty of guidance to help you maintain your weight, but he or she can also pinpoint any potential health issues and help you take preventative measures.

And while you’re at it, make an appointment with your dentist as well. Dental health issues have been linked to problems such as depression and anxiety, among others, so it’s crucial to address any problems before they become serious.

➳ Take a Social Media Break

The stimulus of social media can have a disruptive influence on your nerves. Every once in a while, sign off from Instagram and Twitter and take a break from Facebook. Instead, use the time to read a book or practice your breathing exercises. Additionally, make it a point to avoid social media while you exercise.

To create a balance between spirit, mind, and body, you need to be completely present in the moment for this healthy routine. Responding to texts, emails, and social media posts will only make it difficult to have a truly restorative experience.

➳ Get a Natural Boost from Cannabidiols (CBD)

CBD oil, a non-psychotropic derivative of hemp, is a natural and healthy way to alleviate anxiety, and it can also reduce inflammation, relieve pain, work against depression, and lessen post-workout soreness. Talk with a physician before taking CBD oil and do some online research to find the right brand for you.

➳ Pursue a Gratifying Hobby

Few things are as mentally replenishing as indulging in a much-loved activity. Find something you look forward to at work and think about on the way home. If you find drawing or painting to be soothing, set aside space for some art supplies. Then, create a haven where you’re free to enjoy creativity with no distractions.

Or, set up a quiet and comfortable reading corner with a favorite chair, table, and lamp. This will help you get caught up on all those books you have been meaning to read.

If you want to learn more about your ancestral background, why not get involved in genealogy? Genealogy is an engaging hobby that involves your mind completely. Additionally, it frees you from daily worries that use up energy in negative ways.

Achieving a healthy balance between your spiritual, physical, and mental well-being may be the most important health objective of all. Thankfully, there are many healthy routines to work toward that personal equilibrium. The good news is, the best way to achieve it is with a personal routine with activities that you enjoy most.

Written by Guest Author Sheila Olsen • fitsheila.com

Cover image credit: Pexels

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