Bring the Outside In with Gallons of Greenery

Bring the Outside In Gallons Of Greenery

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Bring the outside in with houseplants, indoor gardens, and lighting to keep those plants green. I’ve gleaned through the internet to bring you these examples in the hope that they will inspire you to bring your outside in with gallons of greenery and give you ideas on how to do it yourself.

Lower Your Stress Level with Gallons of Greenery

Surround Me with Freshness!

To keep balance in my life, I need to be surrounded by fresh air and greenery. Only then am I truly comfortable and relaxed. That might mean sitting at my desk in front of a window so that I can keep it cracked open just a bit to get the right amount of fresh breeze.

This also means that I get a front-row seat view of the tops of the trees outside my second-story apartment. This is the way I stay connected with Mother Earth and bring the outside in even if I sit for many long hours in front of the computer.

Bring the outside in for a healthier home

It is usually preferred by most to go outside and enjoy the greenery first hand. But it is also a great suggestion to bring the outside in. Do this with the use of houseplants, windows, lighting, and other easy-to-access items around your home. Fresh, green plants help in many ways, some of which are listed below:

  1. They help reduce stress and thereby anxieties.
  2. Real plants sharpen your attention.
  3. Working with plants is therapeutic.
  4. Plants help you recover from illnesses faster.
  5. They even help boost your productivity.
  6. Plants help improve your work environment.
  7. Plants improve the quality of the air.

We all want a healthy, breathable intimate environment. House plants are the fastest, easiest way to bring the healthy greenery of nature into our homes.

Promote wellness for a natural stress reducer.

Also, consider leaving a trail of plants and flowers that flow from your balcony into your apartment that can be separated by sliding glass doors and vertical blinds during inclement weather. Otherwise, leave the door open and pull the blinds across for a breezy, garden feeling throughout your home.

Houseplants purify the air around us. NASA studies show that houseplants remove harmful indoor pollutants such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, pollen, mold, and more. These types of pollutants are known to cause headaches, allergies, and fatigue.

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So, it only makes sense that when you add indoor plants to your living environment, it will purify your air and thereby lead to better health for you and your family.

Gallons of greenery for a more breathable lifestyle.

Here are three selections of houseplants you can order from Amazon from the security and comfort of your own home. These examples also give some design ideas and ways to include gallons of greenery in your surroundings. Click on the pics to learn more about them.

1. Assorted starter house plant set.


2. Succulents in a variety set.


3. Plant terrarium with a wooden stand.

Green is around us almost anywhere on our big, beautiful earth. For some, it symbolizes the vitality of life energy, and also financial income. Green is also symbolic of resurrection which we see each Spring.

What’s more, colors are an important part of the human psychological and spiritual experience that dates back beyond written history. Incidentally, one of my favorite colors for as long as I can remember is green.

However, traditionally, green is the color of the Heart Chakra which helps us with our emotions, our compassion, and our empathy towards ourselves and others. A nice and effective way is to use it with meditation in your immediate surroundings.

Natural Light vs. Artificial Light

Humans and plants both need light to grow and thrive. We especially need the Vitamin D that we derive from the warm sunlight. Therefore, I suggest designing ‘light space’ at the forefront of your creative process. The quality and style of lights in your home set the mood that you desire. Natural light is the most desired, however, the right artificial lighting can be very effective as well.

Do your research about indoor grow lights but, also easier methods of natural lighting for the healthiest house plants and healthiest family!

Conversely, too much direct sunlight can cause distress to our bodies, so find that happy medium in your home. First, design for the most exposure to natural light, then supplement it with your indoor lighting fixtures. Also, consider full-spectrum lighting whenever possible to emulate natural sunlight. Doing so is a win-win for you, your family, and your happy house plants.


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