Healthy Bodies Category

Healthy Bodies Category

Healthy Bodies explores healthy eating, clean living, and adequate exercise to achieve balance. We also learn that herbs and spices not only add excitement for our taste buds, but also provide amazing nutrients that everybody needs. In addition, as an enhancement to our health and intimate environment, essential oils help us heal and maintain a more serene balance. In this category, we also include posts about living a healthy senior lifestyle.

Healthy Bodies encourages learning about holistic nutrition to gift ourselves the strength to heal from trauma and daily stress.  You will also find the sub-categories of essential oils, healthy house plants, herbs and spices, and senior lifestyles.

Indoor Air Quality How it Affects Your Children Healthy Bodies

Indoor air quality in our homes is an important factor in the health of our children, far more than ever thought before.

The Ageless Spirit - senior woman dressed to the Ts Senior Lifestyles

Things that held value when I was young no longer do. This writing is about feelings and awareness of the gratefulness of the ageless spirit.

Top 4 Benefits of Organic Skin Care Healthy BodiesOrganic Skin Care

If you are applying tons of toxic chemicals to your skin, it’s absorbing into your body. That’s why you must use organic skincare exclusively. 

Alternatives to watching TV 3 Self-Care Activities Healthy Bodies

Self-care activities are one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. When you self-love and self-reflect, it’s easier to stay in balance.

Beautiful MindsHealthy BodiesSelf-Care Tools

Your brain continues to interpret voices even while you’re sleeping. Amazingly, Mother Nature is the best source of relaxing sounds.

12 Nutrient-Dense Herbs and Spices for Amazing Benefits Healthy BodiesHerbs and Spices

Nutrient-dense herbs and spices are amazing! They provide vitamins and minerals that we all enjoy but also need for a healthy balance.

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