Healthy Bodies Category

Healthy Bodies Category

Healthy Bodies explores healthy eating, clean living, and adequate exercise to achieve balance. We also learn that herbs and spices not only add excitement for our taste buds, but also provide amazing nutrients that everybody needs. In addition, as an enhancement to our health and intimate environment, essential oils help us heal and maintain a more serene balance. In this category, we also include posts about living a healthy senior lifestyle.

Healthy Bodies encourages learning about holistic nutrition to gift ourselves the strength to heal from trauma and daily stress.  You will also find the sub-categories of essential oils, healthy house plants, herbs and spices, and senior lifestyles.

4 Reasons to Keep Exfoliating During the Summer Healthy BodiesOrganic Skin Care

Today’s post is all about reasons to exfoliate your skin during the Summer months. Learn some great tips about how to exfoliate your skin!

Your Guide to the Benefits of Essential Oils Essential Oils

Essential oils are extracted from plants in concentrated form, they have the ‘essence’ of plants in terms of aroma and flavor.

Super Foods Our Healthy Bodies Healthy Eating

The term super foods is a popular buzzword in our modern culture. The media and marketing icons use it and it’s even on cosmetic labels.

The Health and Beauty Benefits of Tea Tree Oil Essential Oils

Tea tree oil is an essential oil from the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia plant. Read to learn about the health and beauty of tea tree oil.

The Soothing Benefits of Flowers and House Plants video with Heart Leaf Philodendron, Chrysanthemum Flowers, and Gerbera Daisy Flowers. Flower PowerHealthy Plants

It’s the time of year to look forward to Summer, so everyone is gardening, but what about our inside house plants? We need them too!

Jojoba Oil The Perfect Carrier for Essential OIls Essential Oils

Jojoba oil seeds are cold-pressed preserving its rich nutrition. Learn more about jojoba carrier oil for your health and beauty routines.

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