When we discuss “The Perfect Human Diet”, it refers to the Paleo diet which is from a time 30,000 years ago which was before humans learned agricultural techniques. Before that humans were nomadic gatherers of nuts, berries, and vegetables. Moreover, we were hunters of meat.

Paleo • The Perfect Human Diet

The Perfect Human Diet

“The Perfect Human Diet” video opened up a whole new world of eating habits for me and the excess weight is gone to the tune of about 70 pounds taken off in one year. I was literally poisoning myself on a daily basis for most of my life with wheat, dairy, processed foods, etc. Almost everything I thought I knew about food was wrong.

How it Works for Me

However, the fact remains, the Paleo Diet works for me and I’ve been on one diet or another for over 40 years since my early 20’s when I first started gaining excess weight. The first and probably the most powerful piece of the Paleo Diet for me is the elimination of wheat (gluten) from my diet. I went over a year without buying a loaf of bread and you know what? I didn’t miss it for a moment simply because I feel so much better without it. So, we need to rethink the phrase “amber waves of grain” when it applies to our human diet.

The Perfect Diet Amber Waves of Grain

My Farewell to Dairy Products

The next food item I eliminated was dairy products and again, I don’t miss them Because now I know what they do to my system and I naturally feel better without them. The human body doesn’t need any kind of other mammal’s milk and most experts now recommend that humans not drink cow’s milk after the age of two. We simply have no need for it.

Oatmeal is a Grain – Not a Super Food

The next primary food that I’ve turned to for as long as I can remember – way back to early childhood, is oatmeal. I religiously ate oatmeal for breakfast, I loved oatmeal bread for toast and sandwiches, not to mention french toast. I am happy to say that those items, along with the accompanying syrup are no longer on my shopping list.

So, of course, I recommend that you eliminate all grains from your diet. That includes oatmeal, wheat, and rice – all grains. Grains are nothing more than filler food and they leach all the vitamins from the good food in our guts.

The Basic Paleo Foods That I Love & Use Every Day

Now, I’d like to present a few of my favorite Paleo food items that I use daily to stay healthy. The first food item I order at the beginning of every month is my organic coconut oil. I use it in every recipe that calls for oils of any kind. I keep organic olive oil in the cupboard and use it occasionally, but that’s usually only when I run out of coconut oil.

Avoid the Inner Isles of the Grocery Store

Avoid the Inner Isles of the Grocery Store

When you go shopping for groceries, learn to go walk around the outer isles that are against the walls of the store. This is the way to avoid unnecessary processed, canned, baked, and other foods that are less than healthy for you. Fresh or frozen vegetables are at the top of my shopping lists. Fresh vegetables are great when they’re in season, but if they’re not, you’re better off buying frozen to ensure you get the freshest vegetables possible.

In today’s world trade markets, in many instances, we simply don’t know the origin of our vegetables. One thing we do know is that if they aren’t locally grown, they aren’t picked ripe. In addition, they’re often shipped from world-wide distances. So, take advantage of the frozen food section for your healthy diet. It saves money and it isn’t always necessary to have “fresh” in your refrigerator to stay healthy. Buy fresh vegetables for the salads and side dishes that you eat daily. Then, put the rest in the freezer.

Eat Your Eggs (is still great motherly advice)

I eat three eggs every morning. As a single low-income mother for decades, I learned how to get good protein from eggs and cooked a variety of egg dishes. How many ways can you cook an egg? Ask my daughter about eggs instead of cold cereal for breakfast.???? I could easily create a blog dedicated only to eggs. Now, I purchase Egglands Best eggs for the density of vitamins and their 25% less saturated fat, 125mg of Omega 3, and they are enriched with vitamins D, E, B2, B12, B5.

Wheat Not Meat Makes Us Gain Weight

Before I started with the perfect human diet, I had all but cut beef entirely out of my menus. Big mistake. You see when I went to barbecues and ate meat, then gained a few pounds, I blamed it on the meat. However, the real culprit was in the bread that was served with the meat. The meat was never the issue.

Roast Beef

We are a Carnivorous Species

According to the perfect human diet, the human bowel system is designed to digest meat, not grains. Apparently, our bowels are very similar to that of the feline species of mammals. That’s right. We have a carnivorous bowel system that is very similar to cats. That doesn’t mean we need to overeat meat. It also does not mean that I’m in favor of burning down rain forests to grow more meat for human consumption. But, never-the-less, we are a meat-eating species and that’s what we have to work with.

We are a Carnivorous Species

About Vegetarianism

I also want to be clear that I’m not against vegetarianism. However, to get a sufficient amount of protein in our bodies, we have to eat a heck of a lot of vegetables. That’s why you see the non-carnivorous animals grazing all–day–long. They have to or they won’t get the sustenance they need.

On the perfect human diet, you eat less because your body processes it more efficiently and you get hungry less often. Conversely, if you eat a lot of bad carbs and grains, you stay continuously hungry and your bowels work overtime to digest the food because they aren’t designed for that.

In a nutshell, that is why we gain excess weight and that’s why I love my Paleo diet. I recommend that you watch the video or order the book – your choice. But, definitely check it out. Your future streamlined, healthy self will thank you. ????

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