Please accept this as my contribution to the memory of Nelson Mandela. My memory of him is, of course, limited to what I saw on the news or read online. But he still made a huge impact in my life.

In fact, Nelson Mandela, despite odds that would have broken even the strongest, not only survived the harshness of prison life but lived to see his dream through to conclusion. How often do we get to see that outside of a movie theater? #Respect #AmazingEndurance

Nelson Mandela’s contribution to the world that I’ve had the privilege to experience is right up there with the first steps on the moon. If you want to know more about this remarkable human being, please visit the History website through this link.

One of the interesting facts you will learn is that his Xhosa clan name is Madiba and is how many South Africans refer to him. He lived a long and fascinating life with his political leanings often finding him in trouble.

Even decades in prison didn’t change his convictions. He was a truly amazing person who lives on in the hearts of many because he made a difference. And, oh, what a difference he made.

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