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10 De-stressing Self-care Activities for Daily Balance

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Stress is a normal part of most people’s lives. Sometimes those sharp feelings of anxiety that we experience simply alert us that there’s something that needs our immediate attention. But, when stress gets overwhelming, it helps to know in advance the de-stressing self-care activities that you can use to get through the crisis. Not surprisingly, some therapists refer to this as having the right “tools in your tool belt.”

Knowing in advance how you want to react in a stressful situation doesn’t always work, but it’s a big step in the right direction. This is especially true if you find yourself getting to a point of not knowing what to do next on a regular basis. If you have prior knowledge and “tools” in place within your emotional, mental, or physical reach, you’re less likely to lose control under pressure.

Reacting to stress in a healthy way gives you the energy to move forward in a positive way rather than … “stressing over it”! In other words, these are tools that you need to keep things moving smoothly without disrupting your life. That’s a win-win for you and everyone around you.

Some of the suggestions below are easy to implement and some take more practice. Either way, keep in mind that no one in this Universe is perfect and even though things might get rough, there are things you can do to keep your life on an even keel.

The Importance of Adding Self-care Activities to Your Daily Routines

All work and no self-care is a dangerous combination. It will break you down over time and you might not even realize why you’re feeling so low. So, be certain to include self-care in your daily routine.

This might be a relaxing time on your balcony while watching a full moon. Or, perhaps a walk to a nearby park to refresh and rejuvenate is what works for you. It might also be something as simple as watering your plants. Whatever “self-care” looks like in your world, include it in your daily routine.

10 self-care activities for more balance and less stress

1. Strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

This is at the top of the list because it’s an important step to maintaining good mental health and naturally reducing stress in your life. It’s so easy to overwork, especially when there are lots of bills to pay. The fact that modern technology makes it even easier doesn’t help.

But overworking leads to stress that is compounded by continual overworking. For some, it may be difficult to justify in these financially trying times, but work-life balance is not just a highly popular buzzword – it is highly important for your overall well-being.

So, you must set your daily routine and stick to it. It’s also important to set clear boundaries with your employers whether they are in the next office or remote. This is especially true with remote workers who naturally have to take time to deal with family issues. Unfortunately, this sometimes creates a much longer working day. Therefore, supervisors of remote workers and the remote workers themselves must take this into consideration.

2. Establish a regular physical exercise routine.

Exercise is different for everyone, but there’s something you can do to get away from the desk and move. Some like to join gyms and some like to go hiking or ride their bikes.

Even a simple walk around the block at lunchtime gets your blood circulating and gives your joints relief from sitting. While at home, perhaps you love gardening or walking your pet! Those are both great ways to get the fresh air and exercise you need on a daily basis.

3. Remember to include meditation right along side your physical exercise.

Physical exercise is fantastic but be sure to also find time for meditation in your daily routine. With so many different ways of meditating in the world, you are certain to find one that works for you.

Meditation naturally reduces stress and clears your mind. With regular practice, you may enjoy a much lower level of stress than if you neglect this important tool.

4. Drink lots of water and keep more nearby.

Giving your body adequate hydration is one of the primary keys to avoiding anxiety attacks. People seem to take water for granted as if it’s just not that important. Given the vast amount of unhealthy drinks offered in every modern store, this is no surprise.

However, are you aware that the human body does not recognize or process anything other than water as hydration? Instead, it recognizes flavor drinks as food. This is not something popular drink manufacturers want you to know. Right? So, please, take water seriously and carry it with you wherever you go. You will thank yourself when anxieties arise!

5. Pay attention to what you eat and keep it healthy.

If you don’t already stick to a diet of proteins, fats, and vegetables while including some healthy carbs then you might not realize how much better you can feel. For example, if it’s mid-afternoon and you’re feeling the stress, eat a salad. You might be surprised how calming it is.

But you must eat healthy regularly to experience the full benefits of being human! We all know the phrase, “garbage in, garbage out”. That applies to our human bodies, as well. We recommend Paleo but you might find something that works better for you. So do your research, throw out the sugar and unhealthy carbs and feel better.

6. Cook your own meals and avoid take out or deli.

Studies also show that a nutritious diet works to reduce depression. Moreover, cooking your own meals gives you ultimate control over what goes into your body. By cooking for yourself, you are nurturing yourself in one of the most basic human ways.

What’s more, without a doubt, it’s the best way to ensure that you’re eating freshly prepared, healthy food. In fact, cooking your own food is one of the best self-care activities around.

7. Make an effort to get out in nature at every opportunity.

If you live in the country, this is easy, but it takes a little more effort for city-dwellers. Grow a patio or balcony garden and get your hands in the dirt caring for flowers and plants in the out of doors. You might even rent a space for a garden as many cities now set aside space for garden rentals.

Or, get out and take a trip to a nearby park and breathe the fantastic air from the trees and take in the calmness of nature. In fact, for most people, quiet meditation in nature really puts things into perspective.

8. De-prioritize social media at the end of the day to fully unplug.

With modern tech all around us, it’s hard to unplug at the end of the day. Nevertheless, the lights of our devices keep us awake and might even affect us for a time after turning them off.

Additionally, social media is emotionally charged, and by design keeps your attention while tugging at your heartstrings. So, keep social media to a minimum in the evenings. Interestingly, this is a self-care activity that is, in fact, “inactivity”.

9. Creativity is a fantastic stress reducer so take this outlet seriously.

Once a week, try to set aside some time to do a hobby or other activity that you enjoy. Exercising our creative muscles is enjoyable and can also help to generate new ideas and solutions which makes it one of the best self-care activities.

Do you like online graphics? Or, do you have a secret desire to paint still life? Perhaps you love to sew! All of these are excellent positive self-care activities to help you lower stress and maintain a healthy balance in your life.

10. Ensure that you get your full quota of sunshine each day.

It only takes a few minutes of natural sunlight to give you a variety of benefits. First is the beneficial Vitamin D. Do you know that you can get a full daily supply of Vitamin D by spending 20 minutes of exposure to natural sunlight?

In addition, sunshine boosts cortisol levels and activates the release of serotonin. Not surprisingly, this also boosts your mood. What’s more it naturally smooths over the rough spots in your day very nicely. So, be sure to add this to your self-care activities!

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Again, we all experience stress in our lives. Of course, some of us are better equipped to handle it than others. But almost anyone can learn techniques that assist in lowering stress and anxiety levels. Use these self-care activities to create a life of balance and be sure to share your techniques and tools with us in the comments below. However, if these suggestions do not help you, refer to a trusted friend, family member, therapist, or medical professional for more in-depth guidance.

It is our wish that you find this post enlightening and helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, we love to hear from you in the comments below. Also, kindly accept our invitation to join our group on Facebook to surround yourself with kindred spirits and post your encouraging messages.

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