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Mother Earth covers topics about your healthy immediate environment to forest fires to environmental issues. We must all do our part to save Mother Earth from further unnecessary destruction and one thing almost anyone can do is spread awareness. We also want to show the beauty and grandeur that is our precious Mother Earth and we lift her up in our hearts with blessings for worldwide peace and healing as together we light the way.

There is still much to be done to save Mother Earth from the destruction of our human “industrial age” that has wreaked so much havoc on our beautiful blue planet. Let’s all consciously send blessings to our new administration in their efforts to right the wrongs and continue to care about Mother Earth. She’s the only home we have. So, it’s up to each one of us to do our part in saving Mother Earth.

Wildfire Trauma; Preventative Steps Mother Earth

Take steps to prepare your family for wildfire emergencies to lessens the chances of members of your family suffering from trauma.

Listening to Mother Nature Mother Earth

Natural sounds help us achieve unity of mind and soul. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of listening to Mother Nature.

NASA and ESA Tackle Climate Change Mother Earth

The world’s two largest space science agencies combine forces. NASA and ESA tackle climate change. Read on to find out more.

Is Natural Gas Environmentally Friendly? Mother Earth

The term Natural Gas sounds pleasant. But is it a long-term solution to our energy crisis? Is natural gas environmentally friendly? Read on to find out!

The Science of Ozone Layer Depletion Mother Earth

For every 1 percent of ozone decrease, skin cancer could increase by 3-5 percent. Find out more about the Science of Ozone Layer Depletion.

The Stress and Science of Climate Change Mother Earth

The scientific community agrees about what contributes to climate change. Read on to learn about the stress and science of climate change.

Saving the North Pacific Right Whale Mother Earth

Saving the North Pacific Right Whale must become a priority so that generations after us will be able to enjoy these beautiful creatures.

Saving the rain forests of mother earth Mother Earth

Humans glorify explorers and scientists but then ignore their warnings. In continuing to conquer and fill deep pockets, the earth is literally being destroyed by its own inhabitants.

Reforestation after a Forest Fire Mother Earth

A forest’s ecosystem is severely impacted when there’s a fire. Reforestation after a forest fire is critical for the survival of wildlife.

Sea and Corals Subtle Shades of Harmony - video of under the sea with gorgeous corals and salt water fish of multi colors. Mother Earth

Join us today to learn about the virtues of the coral reefs of the sea and the rapid decline of the coral reefs around the world.

10 Top Air Polluting Countries of Mother Earth - Earth from space with a revolving blue horizon and stars in the top. Mother Earth

We must forever fight to improve and think about ways to protect life on mother earth. Enemies of this fight are air polluting countries.

Gardening Relieves Stress Peacefully Beautiful MindsMother Earth

Gardening is my favorite activity to relieve stress and lower anxiety. It also gets us back to the basics of being human – so peacefully.

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