Most of us visit Ayurveda and Yoga centers seeking peace of mind and amazing changes in our lives. But we fail to realize that the most profound changes in life happen inside us, through our awareness of subtle energy.

Even if you haven’t yet noticed these energetic aspects of your life, they make a big part of everything that you experience in daily life. That’s why everything that you do leaves a lasting impact on your well-being and health.

Most of us only notice only the physical nuances of life, which can block our perception of the energy of a specific situation. But our subtle energy level is always at work and highly influences how we act and feel. If you want to know more about the awareness of subtle energy, you are invited to continue reading for more good information.

Awareness of Subtle Energy In and Around You

Awareness of Subtle Energy Blessings and Rituals


If we focus only on the cause and effect happening outside, we won’t ever be able to see life as a whole. Now you might be wondering how to experience this awareness of subtle energy. So, let’s discuss the most effective method.

A Simple Exercise to Gain Awareness of Subtle Energy

If you are having a hard time realizing subtle energies, follow these steps as an example of one way to meditate while realizing your subtle energies:

  1. Wake before sunrise. This time, before 6:00 am, is the most powerful and perfect time for any spiritual activity. The energy in the world and within you is lighter.
  2. Find a quiet place where you can sit and focus.
  3. Your breathing should be conscious and slow.
  4. Simply sit with your eyes closed, observe, and be present.
  5. When your thoughts start wandering, gently bring them back to the observing state.
  6. With this, you may feel a sense of energy but don’t try to grasp it. This energy can’t be captured. Make it a routine and strive to be aware of this subtle energy flowing through and around you during your entire day.

The more you meditate, the more you may expect to experience subtle energy. When you are consistent with your morning meditation, it brings awareness of different things that influence you, which includes your subtle energy as well.

Knowing that this energy influences our lives is the missing link between wanting a specific change to occur and making it happen. Realizing your subtle energy brings up huge results and illuminates the path from recognizing our true self as the eternal spirit.

A Simple Exercise for Sensing Energy in the Room

  1. Start at the entryway of your room while holding your hand a few inches from the wall. Then walk around the room and use your hand to make a stroking motion over the wall. It might help to think of it as stroking your pet.
  2. Focus all your senses on your hand and think of your hand as a listening device for energy. You may notice that some spots are calm while some are disturbing or uneasy. When you find an uneasy spot, reassure the house that you will clear out the negative energy.
  3. Now return to the entryway making a mental note of any negative spots. These are the areas you will direct the healing energy when you smudge the room.

The more you repeat this exercise, the stronger your sense becomes in awareness of subtle energy in and around you. By adding increasing sensitivity of the subtle energy to your tools, you gift yourself an even greater healing ability while smudging your home.

One way to test your own abilities is to use your hands to detect if something is of a natural source or something else. Do this by practicing to distinguish between the subtle energy frequency emanating from either one.

Essential Oil for Stimulating Senses of Subtle Energies • The King of Oils • Frankincense

This oil is ancient and gives me a feeling of deep spiritual strength. No wonder many call it the “King of Oils”! Originally sourced from an ancient Somalian tree, it is symbiotic with the crown and root chakra. This greatly aids in opening the third eye and awareness of your own intuition. Its inherent quality of shielding you from negativity makes it perfect for spiritual work. It enables us to release lower vibrations and makes us aware of our inner truths.


Essential Oil for Stimulating Senses of Subtle Energies • Myrrh

In use as an incense and anointing oil since antiquity, Myrrh stimulates a deep and rewarding meditative state of mind. Myrrh also heals sorrow and assists in connecting with the departed. Of course, Myrrh also blends well with other scents and adds character to many fine fragrances.

Resources for Blessings and Rituals

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