Blessings and Rituals • Learn to Cleanse Your Home

Blessings and Rituals • Learn to Cleanse Your Home

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No matter your background with spirituality and rituals, the most common is to cleanse your home. Of course, the reasons vary. Perhaps you’re moving into a new home so it’s the start of a fresh phase. Or, you might want to make an old home more comfortable by clearing out all the negative energy that you can feel surrounding you.

Also, everyone wants their own space where they can create beautiful memories for a lifetime. But, some properties simply don’t feel right. In fact, you might feel the negative vibes or have a sense that the aura is unwelcoming and unhealthy.

The fact is, in such cases, something unpleasant has most likely taken place. In these cases, the negative energy might linger until someone clears it with a ritual or blessing. Such are the benefits of the positive effects of rituals and blessings.

Cleanse Your Home for a Positive Effect on Your Life

Moving in such spaces without cleansing and blessings can have a negative impact on your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. The beauty of it all is that there are several cleansing rituals and blessings that you can do on your own from your own home.

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Also, please be aware that this isn’t hocus-pocus or magic. It’s the not-so-simple science of energy that drives from the loving energy you put into these rituals. There are so many ways to accomplish your blessing goals that are a part of our world cultures for literally hundreds of thousands of years.

Furthermore, these rituals are survivors of ice ages, earth warming, and any number of religions along the way. When you burn sage in your home you are tapping into the energy of all the ages of our human existence as we know it. The sacred sage then and now quietly cleans the air we breathe and enhances our rituals and blessings.

Not many know this but simple water and soap cleaning can help rid the air of unwanted toxins. Start with decluttering spaces and throwing away junk and garbage. Then, dust, wipe, sweep, and vacuum surfaces. Finally, follow up with a quick sage smudging of the entire space before you proceed with your ritual.

➳ The tools to gather at the center of the room:

  • Smudge stick
  • Matches
  • Bowl or shell
  • Large feather
  • Candle and holder
  • Lavender essential oil plus a burner or bowl of warm water


Step One • Listen to your home.

You don’t need a psychic for this as every human has strong gut intuitions. Meditate in your new house and listen to what it is saying. If you feel the presence of spirits, ask if they are happy or angry and their intentions.

Quietly center yourself and think about why you want to bless your home. Then, say this:

“I call upon the guardians of the elements, of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, to help me cleanse this home.”

Of course, always feel free to substitute your own prayer or chant.

Step Two • Light your candle.

Next, light your candle. When you light your candle, say this:

“I light the fire that glows in the heart of the home. May peace be here.”

Step Three • The house cleansing walk.

The best way of cleansing a house is through smudging as this is the best way to break any negative residue. Move to every corner of the house and open all closets. Pay special attention to cold spots and mirrors.

As you walk around the house, smudging each room, say this:

“Cleansing power of the spirits of the smoke, drive away all negativity. Bless this home and bring it joy and laughter.”

Step Four • The blessing session.

Now, walk back to the center of the house where you first began. It’s time to fill your bowl with hot water and drop several drops of lavender oil into the water. When you drop the essential oils into the water, say this:

“May this home be a haven from the world.”

Step Five • The blessing session.

Stand quietly for a few minutes. Then, look at the candle and bring your hands toward your heart which symbolizes your taking the flame inside. Then, say this:

“Let the protective flame burn steadily in the heart of my home.”

Step Six • Ending your blessing.

End your ritual and blessing by blowing out the candle and putting out your smudge while thanking the spirits of the smudge for their help. Always remember to say a word of thanks to your guardian spirits.

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