Navajo Drumbeats Healing Video

This recording uses Solfeggio 417 Hz and 528 Hz in layers of smoothness with deep mesmerizing Navajo drumbeats. The purpose of this recording is to put your spirit, mind, and body into a mode that heals and removes all adverse blockage. Additionally, its intent is to clarify your mind and expand your level of tolerance to change.

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Scroll down to the video below and be mesmerized by these Navajo drumbeats that help you maintain spirit, mind, and body balance with the Solfeggio 417 Hz and 528 Hz.

Solfeggio 417 Hz and 528 Hz

Loosely explained, the theory of the solfeggio is based on the musical scale of Do – Re – Mi – Fa – So – La – Ti or Si – Do of which most of us are familiar. The solfeggio tones used in this recording are Re at 417 Hz and Mi at 528 Hz.

• Solfeggio Re • 417 Hz • Strength of adversity

Expect an energetic change when you listen to this solfeggio. You may also expect this frequency to clear the pain of current or past traumatic events in your life. In addition, ‘Re’ emboldens you to better tolerate sudden changes in your life with a direct connection to your own energy source. This gives you the strength you need to keep going, even in the face of adversity.

• Solfeggio Mi • 528 Hz • Transformations

‘Mi’ is used to transform our human DNA back to its pristine origin. Many believe this frequency manifests transformation and miracles in our lives. Moreover, the myriad of benefits of a relaxing listen to this solfeggio include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Increases our daily energy
  2. Gives us clarity of mind
  3. Produces greater awareness
  4. Develops deep inner peace.
  5. Use for celebration and dance.
  6. Awakens our higher purpose

• Cleanse your subconscious

Use this recording to increase your brain activity while you study or to relax into a pleasant state of deep sleep. I want to extend a special thanks and profess my deep appreciation of the PowerThoughts Meditation Club for their work in the production of healing music. Healing music is one of my favorite daily tools to achieve spirit, mind, and body balance in my life. I sincerely hope you find it as effective as I do.

• Video • Nine Solfeggio With Navajo Drums

417 Hz 528 Hz Navajo Drums Solfeggio Power Thoughts

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