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Welcome! This article is about understanding the three brains, head, heart, and gut for lifestyle balance. The fact is, all of us have three brains: our head-brain, our heart-brain, and our gut-brain. With an infinite number of neurons carrying information from one brain to another, they cooperate in perfect balance to create a harmonic symphony.

Each one is a sophisticated and complex system of motor neurons, sensory neurons, ganglia, and neurotransmitters. They also have amazing capabilities to receive and send information, process the data, store it for future use, and access the same. What’s more, they learn, remember, sense, communicate, and above all, evolve.

Hmm…you must be wondering why you didn’t know this. Well, the answer is quite simple. In modern times, human beings are becoming entirely dependent on electronic devices and we fail to listen to our own bodies. However, when we begin to pay close attention to our bodies and focus on the three brains, amazingly, this is how we work wonders not only in routine tasks but also to achieve major milestones.

Giving complete attention to this trio makes us happier, healthier, and more attentive toward our work, family, and life, in general. Now, let’s break down this trio and understand the working of the head, heart, and gut and how these powerhouses are in sync with each other.

Increasing Your Awareness of the Three Brains • Head • Heart • Gut

➳ Understanding the Head-Brain

The head-brain is the center of consciousness, cognition, language, and creativity. Amazingly, it houses approximately 86 billion neurons that are constantly transferring information from sensory organs to the brain. It helps us recognize, gives meaning to different things, and creates narratives. It is also the head-brain that gives phrases like ‘I understand’, ‘I reckon’, and ‘I think’ a meaning.

Moreover, it is the seat where electrical impulses, synapses, and hormones interact with each other, which results in awareness and consciousness. Above all, it is the head-brain that gives you the power to identify and understand patterns to recognize the world as it is.

➳ Understanding the Heart-Brain

The heart-brain is the home to all of our interpersonal connections, expressions of values, and emotional processing. All these tasks are carried out by 40,000 individual neurons that work non-stop in our heart brain. It is the heart-brain that makes us say ‘I feel’, ‘My heart is heavy’, and ‘My heart is into it’.

Though the number of neurons in the heart brain is comparatively lesser than the head-brain, it generates the biggest electromagnetic field of the human body, which bridges the gap. Plus, the heart sends an equal amount of information to the brain as it receives. According to researchers working in the field of energy cardiology, the heart regulates thinking hormones, which is quite similar to the ones created by the head-brain.

➳ Understanding the Gut-Brain

The third is the gut-brain, the house of mobilization and self-preservation. This brain reacts to opposition, challenges, and dangers. Also, it is the one that dictates the very sense of self. The gut brain is regulated by 100 million neurons which make us say ‘My gut is telling me’, ‘It takes guts’, and ‘Gut feeling’.

The submucosal and myenteric are two nerve centers that make the gut-brain. This is the part that produces around 70% of the cortisol hormone. This hormone is responsible to control blood pressure, metabolism regulation, and memory formulation during stressful times. Apart from this, the gut-brain regulates all information while we are sleeping.

When we condition ourselves to listen to all three brains, we make the best decisions of our life. This leads to remarkable happenings in all spheres, whether personal or professional.

➳ Increasing our Awareness Helps Us Find Balance

Discoveries like this make me believe that all inhabitants of Mother Earth have so much to look forward to. Despite our human flaws, there are many who seek balance in their lives over the mayhem that’s going on around us. With the convergence of science and spirituality, there is a growing conscious awareness of balance and gratitude as the answer.

So when we become aware of our three brains, we’re consciously achieving Spirit, Mind, and Body balance. Those are benefits everyone can use. Namaste my friend! Warmly, Susan

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In this groundbreaking book, you’ll discover the latest neuroscience findings about your multiple brains (head, heart and gut brains) and what they have to offer for increasing intuitive abilities and for immediately generating wiser decision-making in your daily life.


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