8 Dreams of Autumn • Colors, Warmth, & Transition

Dreams of Autumn • Colors, Warmth, & Transition

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“Dreams of Autumn” conjure up times of gradually cooling off from the extremely hot summers we’re having. However, if you have anxieties, it’s best to order your pumpkin lattes sugar-free and simply avoid those caramel apples altogether. Doing so will assist you in avoiding the harsh emotions that create anxieties – which is something that everyone wants to avoid when visiting family and friends.

But never-the-less it’s finally Autumn, a favorite season to many who enjoy the fun foods, festivities, and cooler weather. In this post, are eight reasons why autumn is one of the best seasons, and why there’s much to be grateful for and enjoy this time of year. So, here’s to the dreams of Autumn this year and for years to come.

1. Changing of colors to a brilliant variation.

Many people love Autumn for the changing colors of leaves. Trees that were once green explode into beautiful hues of gold, red, and orange. If you live in the northern or southern hemispheres, of course, your seasons come at opposite times of the year. However, it’s a gorgeous time of year, no matter what your geographic location.

You might even consider bringing back the enjoyable and relaxing childhood habit of pressing color autumn leaves in a book or putting them under a piece of paper and tracing over them with crayons.

Raking leaves is a favorite pastime for home maintenance that many take with them as happy memories throughout their lives. The smell of the damp leaves on the ground and the sound of the rakes brushing them into piles are sensory memories of #MotherEarth that we never forget.

Of course, we must not forget about the unforgettable, enjoyable fun of jumping in the piles of leaves! Now, that’s a bit of fun that transcends all religious or political wars and replaces them with pure joy! Those are dreams of Autumn worth remembering.

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2. Pumpkin with and in everything.

Autumn is also pumpkin harvesting season! So, if you love pumpkins, then you’re in luck! Pumpkin flavors are found everywhere in Autumn, particularly in traditional favorites like pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, and in more modern treats like pumpkin-spiced teas and coffees. Be sure to get your fill before the season ends! However, for your mental health balance, you must avoid and use healthy substitutes for sugar and carbs.

Of course, whenever possible, use alternative Paleo ingredients to avoid letting the common consumptions of the past of sugars and carbs ruin your day with illness from too much gluten and the sugar rush that naturally lifts you up, then, crashes you down. That’s not pleasant and is not a good way to enjoy your time and make good memories.

3. Decorating with coppers, purples, and dark greens.

Autumn is one of the best times of year for toning down the bright summer colors with the darker, warmer coppers, purples, and dark greens. If you care about your health this season, use the colors of Autumn to deter you away from unhealthy desserts and candies that seem to be everywhere. You can avoid these by detracting yourself with colors and creativity!

So, turn your creative juices on full blast and bring the outside in for the Winter with plants and greenery galore. Along with that turn up the coppers, purples, and dark greens to give you and your family the sense of comfort and warmth that everyone craves and enjoys.

4. Cooler, more moderate weather has advantages.

After the intense heat of the summer, it’s a relief when it finally starts to cool down. September and October are fantastic months, as warm days start to give way to cool, crisp nights. After months of blasting the air conditioning, the beginning of Autumn often ushers in cooler breezes that allow you to keep the windows open during the warmer times of the day for fresh air throughout your home.

It’s also a great time for your outside plants and flowers as it is their last great blooming time before the blossoms fade and fall off, not to return until Spring. I also like to bring some of my flowers inside and will be experimenting with that this Fall and Winter. More about that in later posts.

5. Autumn fashions that warm our bodies.

When it’s intensely hot in the summer, it’s sometimes difficult to dress for comfort. However, Autumn ushers in new fashions like jackets, sweaters, and boots to give us more warmth and a feeling of coziness.

I especially suggest and enjoy wrapping warmth such as 100% cotton sweaters, leather gloves, wool scarves. It’s also the time of year to bring out the Calvin Kline fashion coats and you’re good to go in the cool autumn breezes.

6. Firepits to enjoy the outdoors.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit in your backyard, this is the ideal time of year to use it! There’s nothing like sitting around an open fire for relaxation and dreaming. In fact, this most excellent backyard feature can even take you into Winter for those days when you just have to get outside for a while.

However, if it snows where you live, you might want to consider covering your fire pit area with a stylish patio cover. Then, all you need is a nice fire and some comfortable woolen throws and you can enjoy a short time in the out of doors perhaps watching the sunrise, even in the Wintertime.

7. Arts, crafts, and creativity enjoyment.

Whether you’re carving pumpkins for Halloween, crafting an intricate sugar skull for Dia de Los Muertos, or stuffing a cornucopia for Thanksgiving, there are plenty of crafts to keep both youth and adults busy all through the season of Autumn.

Studies show that creativity increases positive emotions, reduces depression, and anxiety, and improves the function of our immune systems. Positive affect refers to positive moods people experience including joy, happiness, and optimism. That sounds like a win-win for everyone!

8. Holiday times for family and friends.

Autumn is full of holiday festivities around the world, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Dia de Los Muertos. Autumn holidays are particularly enjoyable because of the wonderful meals, tasty treats, elaborate costumes, and rich colors that go along with the celebrations.

Again, for your mental health balance, you must commit yourself to make healthy choices about avoiding sugars and carbs. Doing so will ensure that your Autumn season is one of relaxation and enjoyment.

Here’s to your brilliant dreams of Autumn.

It is our wish that you find this post enlightening and helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, we love to hear from you in the comments below. Also, kindly accept our invitation to join our group on Facebook to surround yourself with kindred spirits and post your encouraging messages.

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