Blessings and Rituals • Intro to Healing and Cleansing

Blessings and Rituals • Intro to Healing and Cleansing

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The blessings and rituals and healing and cleansing conversation must begin with smudging. Smudging is as old as the hills and probably older. It’s been around a long time through many civilizations and traditions.

However, the particular smudging that I write about involves the tradition as handed down by the Indigenous People of North America. This is known as the sacred smoke bowl blessing and is a powerful way to cleanse the spirit of negative energy and to achieve balance throughout.

The Power of the Smudge for Healing and Cleansing

The physical body is obvious while the spiritual being is elusive for some and a myth for others. Never-the-less, I believe that our spirits are an energy that exists and needs cleansing to maintain balance and health. Furthermore, when I am smudging and sending blessings, I am aware my spirit is my greatest strength. I hope to show you how you can become more aware as well.

Cleansing your intimate environment of low and bad energies is a de-cluttering of the spiritual space around you. It literally clears the area of icky emotion and psychological trash that you may be carrying around – even unknowingly.

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Furthermore, the benefits are many and include relief from anxiety, lessening of depression, achieving spiritual balance, or maintaining a level of serenity that is relaxing and balancing.

Bonus: It is also a scientific fact that sage contains antiseptic properties so that when you smudge with sage, you are cleansing the air of unwanted bacteria in addition to the spiritual cleansing effect. Therefore, the smudging process is cleansing the air you breathe and eliminating odors naturally and without toxicity. That’s a win-win!

Building Your Own Kit of Spiritual Tools for Healing and Cleansing

Here’s where the healing…and the fun begins! These are the basic tools that people have been using for thousands of years and now we can all build our own smudging and cleansing kit.

Smudge Sticks & Ceramic Bowl or Shell

Sage and sweet grass are the herbs most used for blessings and rituals in North America. The sage serves to drive out negative energies while the sweet grass attracts healing and positive energy.

The dish that holds the herb or sage stick is important as well. Types recommended are a ceramic, stone or large shell bowl.

Here’s an example of a beautiful white sage smudging kit. You will note that it also includes a wooden stand and a lovely feather. The purpose of the feather is to waft the smoke around you during your rituals.

Candles for Purity of Intent

Representing the fire element, candles brings courage, purity of intent, and of course, light. Fire also represents times of change and transformation.

For an added bonus of high intensity stress relief and ultimate relaxation, try this candle to serenely send well wishes to those you love during your blessings and rituals.

Crystal Power & Light

Crystals are Mother Earth’s symbol of healing and strength. Start with a rose quartz to use as an activator, generator, and transmitter of both spiritual and physical energy.

But, before using your crystal, be sure to cleanse it. To cleanse your crystal, place it in a bowl of water and add 3 tablespoons of sea salt. Soak for 72 hours, remove, and dry off. Always keep your crystals clean for better effectiveness.

Here’s a rose quartz 2″ wand that comes with a velvet pouch.

Lavender Essential Oil

The sensual essences of aromatherapy are a natural part of smudging rituals. The beauty of lavender is that it has natural relaxing qualities and will soothe the anxiety of the day. Drop three drops in a bowl of warm water and sit back and relax. Or, try out an aromatherapy diffuser, if you haven’t already.

Interestingly, the Latin name of Lavender is “Lavare”, which means “to wash”. It’s not only used in cleansing rituals, but also in aromatherapy, diffusers, soaps, shampoos, and more.

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