Eternal Spirits Category

Eternal Spirits Category

Eternal Spirits is our category for spirituality. We believe that all spiritual paths lead to the light of eternal love and healing. We also know that when one person or group finds enlightenment, that same positive energy flows to all those around.

Strive to find your spirituality in the awareness that opens your heart. This is the great miracle of the inherent human ability to increase awareness as lifelong learning continues.

Sub-categories are chakras, blessings & rituals, crystals, and healing music.

How to Avoid the Post-Holiday Blues Designing LivesMeditation

Don’t know how to avoid post-holiday blues? Continue reading for some inspiration and tactics that might just be what you need.

3 Ways to Celebrate this Year's Winter Solstice Eternal Spirits

Many of our modern Christian traditions actually stem from ancient times when the Winter Solstice was the main event for many cultures.

Solar Plexus 3rd Chakra Manipura Energy Center Chakras

Interestingly, both the yellow sun and yellow gold are imperishable, eternal, and indestructible. Yellow is also the color for the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Crystal Structure • The Form Behind the Sparkle CrystalsEternal Spirits

Welcome to another in a series of posts about crystals with this post being about crystal structure and how it gets its spectacular sparkle.

Crystal Science and How crystals Form Crystals

Crystal science begins with the crust of the earth. Do you realize that Mother Earth comprises 85% crystal? How’s that for magnitude?

Blessings and rituals for your bedroom Blessings and Rituals

With blessings for your bedroom, you welcome the beautiful, positive energy into your life. You can fill your bedroom with love and happiness.

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