Eternal Spirits Category

Eternal Spirits Category

Eternal Spirits is our category for spirituality. We believe that all spiritual paths lead to the light of eternal love and healing. We also know that when one person or group finds enlightenment, that same positive energy flows to all those around.

Strive to find your spirituality in the awareness that opens your heart. This is the great miracle of the inherent human ability to increase awareness as lifelong learning continues.

Sub-categories are chakras, blessings & rituals, crystals, and healing music.

Crystals and Light • The Fascinating Science Crystals

The science about crystals and light and how they refract off each other is fascinating. Learn about the science in easy to understand terms.

Blessings and Rituals • New Home Blessing Blessings and Rituals

Call upon the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air for a new home blessing or for your current home as well. Keep reading to learn how.

Blessings & Rituals • Aura Cleansing Blessings and Rituals

Visualization aura cleansing is a ritual for clearing your aura and providing protection while you are performing rituals and blessings.

Crystal-Environments-•-Shamanism Crystals

Shamanism personalizes nature and sees humans and the earth as reflections of each other. The history of shamanism is fascinating!

The World of Crystals Through the Ages CrystalsEternal Spirits

Before digging into the qualities of individual types of crystals, let’s learn some interesting facts about crystals through the ages.

528 Love Frequency to Release Conflict Healing Video FeaturedHealing Music

You can release conflict with the power of binaural beats by listening to the Love Frequency. Also, learn about binaural beats for healing.

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