Feng Shui for Design Balance in Your Home

Feng Shui for Design Balance in Your Home

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Feng shui for design balance in the apartment or home is an interesting and beautiful topic. Most people who live in apartments or even homes naturally want to get very creative with space. But lately, everyone in our world is dealing with unpleasant chaos. So it’s incredibly important now, more than ever, to use Feng Shui for design balance in our interiors.

Feng shui is an age-old tradition, which is way more than rearranging the furniture and other items around your home. The Fung Shui principles are a way of bringing health, happiness, and good energy into your offices and homes. Feng shui is a term originating from the Chinese words wu xing.

The concept of Feng Shui involves the five elements of nature: fire, wood, metal, earth, and water. With some easy-to-follow directions, you can bring all these five elements of Feng Shui must-haves in your home to create a perfect symphony of balance, calmness, and happiness.

If harmony and balance is something you seek in your home, I invite you to continue reading to learn more about design balance in your apartment with these Feng Shui tips.

Feng Shui for Design Balance in the Rooms of Your Home

For every room of your home, there are different rules of Feng Shui. The most common and most popular way is through an arrangement of furniture and décor. Understanding the proper placement of furniture helps in creating the right atmosphere. It is all about energizing the positive vibes within a space.

☯ Living Room

  • Ensure the sitting arrangement in your living room forms a tight circular shape.
  • There should be a central element between the sitting arrangement such as an ottoman, or coffee table.
  • If you have an empty fireplace, decorate it with a fan, plants, decorative sculptures, and a nice screen.
  • Televisions can consume positive energy from a room. It is better to keep it hidden when not in use.
  • When fresh and green plants are paired with natural light, it instantly creates a sense of positivity.
  • In case your home has high ceilings, it is advisable to use beautiful art pieces at eye level to create a point of focus. This also refrains positive energy from rising to the ceiling.

☯ Bedroom

  • Position the bed in the dominant position in the bedroom. But place the bed so when you’re in it, you’re facing the door as it can bring insecurities to ones sleeping there if the door is behind you.
  • Use two bedside tables to create a welcoming aura and balance in the room.
  • Soft and rich fabrics make your bedroom a safe haven for you.
  • In terms of colors, use a soft palette. But shades of pink and red are useful in promoting romance.
  • Beautiful art pieces on walls create a calming effect while bringing positivity.
  • You can control the overall feel of the room by installing dimmer switches for your lighting.
  • Avoid placing big electronic items in the bedroom as they shift the positive energy from the bed toward them.
  • Apartments are small so if you have a desk in your bedroom don’t place it as the focal point as you don’t want to think about work the first thing in the morning.

☯ Bathroom

  • Use lights to brighten up your bathroom.
  • Add candles as a fire element to balance the overwhelming water element.
  • Place some plants in corners to add the earth element.
  • Give extra attention to cleanliness.
  • When not in use, keep the toilets closed and drains plugged as they are an outlet of energy.
  • Create a balanced and cohesive vibe by using matching washcloths and towels.

Apart from this, ensure that every room has good lighting and smells fragrant. Declutter the space and throw away any broken objects as they channelize negative energy in the home.

Use potted plants in an aesthetic way since plants are the best carriers of positive vibes. Last but not the least, maintain balance in every nook and corner as feng shui is all about the harmony and balance between the different elements of nature.

The Feng Shui Bagua

There is a tool that designers use to layout your rooms in a perfect Feng Shui style. That is the Feng Shui Bagua. This is essentially a map that analyzes the energy in the various spaces in any room. It’s easy to use and when you follow it, it’s easy to transform your home and rooms into designs that exude balance, serenity, and peacefulness.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Using the Bagua

  1. When you are within the space you want to design, hold your Bagua in front of you.
  2. Stand in front of the main entrance and face into the room or space you want to design. Note: the main entrance is always the mouth of qi.
  3. Rotate the Bagua in front of you so that the three squares for Wisdom, Career, and Helpful People are lined up nearest to you as you hold it while standing in front of the main entrance as you face the room or space.
  4. Note the section you are in. In other words, is the entry left, center, or right on your map? As you face away from the door towards your space, the left is Wisdom, the center is Career, and the right is Helpful People.
  5. If you have a map of your space, place it under the Bagua to easily see the layout of your room in accordance with the Bagua. Or if your space is smaller, you can visually scope out where each section of your design lies within your Bagua map.
  6. Then, place earth elements in each section. The selection of these earth elements is to correspond with the elements in the corresponding section of the Bagua, so refer to the Bagua map to place the correct elements in the right spot in your design. The placement of earth elements is to enhance the energy in that particular space.
  7. Likewise, use the colors on the Bagua and add them to the corresponding space in your room. For instance, you might add a red cushion to the Fame area to attract a more positive reputation or gain recognition. Additionally, you might hang a spider plant from the ceiling in the green area to improve your health. See how this works?

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Creating a powerful and healing home sanctuary is the essence of feng shui―the Chinese system of designing a space based on how energy flows. Feng Shui for Healing is a modern interpretation of this ancient wisdom, presented with empowering advice and step-by-step guidance for using your own space to nurture wellness and vitality.


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