The Importance of Letting Your Voice Be Heard

The Importance of Letting Your Voice Be Heard

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It doesn’t make anyone feel good to stick their necks out online letting your voice be heard. Of course, it goes without saying that there are many people who don’t want to hear what you might have to say. However, letting your voice be heard is important for your daily spirit, mind, and body balance.

Why? Because when we are not heard, we feel disjointed by those around us. In addition, it easily brings on feelings of less-than and not worthy. So, speaking out and letting your voice be heard is an integral part of your daily balance. Let’s explore it a little deeper.

Letting your voice be heard is important for your daily spirit, mind, and body balance. When we're not heard, we feel disconnected from life. Share on X

Perhaps, because of anxieties, speaking out might give you hypertension, nightmares and sometimes make you physically ill. However, you can also get corroborating support from kindred spirits that help you continue to heal and give you the courage to move forward.

The Importance of Letting Your Voice Be Heard

The responsibility of letting your voice be heard.

Moreover, I believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to take these actions via social media to support yourself and others who seek a better life for themselves and their communities than they had the day before.

I have accepted fear as a part of life – specifically the fear of change. I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says, “turn back.”

– Erica Jong

To remain silent is to let the perpetrators win.

To ignore a loveless act by quieting our voice doesn’t make it go away. The attitude of “they’re going to do it anyway” is to allow the bully to continue to push us around. We who still hold the value of love in our hearts must do what we can, no matter how small, to bring the light of love to those who have lost it.

We are all teammates on this journey. It is a cosmic conscientiousness that grows stronger with each new positive thought. It doesn’t take a higher education degree nor belief in a particular religious dogma to spread light and love among those we care about and to whom we want to offer a level of enlightenment they might not otherwise receive from another source.

Give yourself the respect that you dearly deserve.

Showing all those around that you respect yourself goes a long way towards others respecting you as well. But, self-respect isn’t normally something that you verbalize to others. It’s more intricate than that. Rather, it is the actions you take and the body language you portray. It’s an energetic feeling that emanates from your being to the rest of the Universe. So, portray your best whenever possible.

Here are some of the benefits of building your self-respect.

  1. It’s easier to accept personal responsibility for your own thoughts and actions.
  2. You feel much more worthy and deserving of other’s respect.
  3. Your overall life is happier and you feel more confident as a result.
  4. It’s more difficult for people to take advantage of you.
  5. Self-respect empowers you to make good choices for your desired lifestyle.

Tip o’ the Hat to Live Bold and Bloom.


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