The 4th Chakra Sanskrit name is Anahata or the lotus with 12 petals. One benefit of this Chakra is the energy bridge connecting the lower chakras and the upper chakras. The green heart chakra symbolizes the vitality of life energy and also financial income. Green is also symbolic of resurrection which we see each Spring.

Colors are an important part of the human psychological and spiritual experience that dates back beyond written history. Traditionally, green is the color of the Heart Chakra which helps us with our emotions, our compassion, and our empathy towards ourselves and others. A nice and effective way is to use it in meditation.

• Bring the Outside In

It is usually preferred by most to go outside and enjoy the greenery first hand. But it is also a great suggestion to bring the outside in. Do this with the use of houseplants, windows, lighting, and other easy to access items around your home to enhance your 4th chakra.

We all want a healthy, breathable intimate environment and house plants are the fastest, easiest way to bring the healthy greenery of nature into our homes.

Bring the Outside In with these cute owl planters on three tiers of wooden arrangement.

This color soothes and aids in the human digestive process. For healthy results, I recommend that we eat peas and other green and leafy vegetables. Healthy green veggies such as kale, spinach, chard, and collards are considered by many to be the most nutritious food you can eat.

They’re packed with vitamins A, B, and K. In addition, they are also rich in essential minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium, as well as antioxidants, which protect cells against damage. Not surprisingly, green is the symbolic color for wholesome, healthy meals.

When you add green to your intimate environment, you do yourself a big favor. If you want a living space that helps you feel balanced, healthy, and youthful, decorate your home with touches of green.

In fact, many cultures in the world see green as a sign of progress, thus the phrase, “give it a green light”.

• Instructions for Opening the 4th Chakra Heart

Many teachers have different methods but here is a simple exercise:

  • Sit cross-legged.
  • Let the tips of your index finger and thumb touch.
  • Put your left hand on your left knee and your right hand in front of the lower part of your breastbone (so a bit above the solar plexus).
  • Concentrate on the area of the spine that is level with the heart.
  • Chant the sound YAM.

A Tip o’ the Hat to Eclectic Energies.

• How the 4th Chakra Affects Human Behavior

Green is a combination of blue and yellow and is soothing yet stimulating enough to produce an emotional lift. Moreover, green is the predominant color of Mother Nature so it is associated with growth, process, and the beginning of life itself.

Conversely, because of its social association with money and good luck, it can also produce envy, i.e., the phrase, “green with envy”.

• The 4th Chakra Crystals

These crystals are used for the treatment of emotional balance, and overall well-being. You can use them for grids, meditation, reiki healing, or to decorate the spiritual center in your home. Slipping them into your pocket is a great way to use them as a palm crystal.

The appropriate stones for the 4th chakra include malachite, jade, green calcite, green tourmaline.

To balance your heart chakra, you should use a combination of stones for the 4th chakra. A central green stone, malachite, combined with the other minerals above.

Below are three different types of heart chakra crystals chosen to assist you in your heart chakra opening and healing practices.

Green Tourmaline.

• Progress is Found in Mindfulness

Continued mindfulness exercises such as this meditation music are the cornerstone of progress. you will find that daily meditation in whatever form that may take is the basis for creating your days in a positive fashion.

You will also find that pure and true strength is found in the most relaxing of moments.

• Loose Clothing for 4th Chakra Meditation

4th Chakra Healing Heart Music

This meditation music is so effective! I’ve been sitting here working online while this video is playing and at the same time, I’m sitting underneath my wonderful OttLite floor lamp. So pleased to report that the combination is sweet. Between the two, I am completely relaxed and the creativity is flowing. It actually reminds me of a phrase, “too blessed to be stressed”! Now. let’s learn more about the 4th Chakra.

• Move Into a Creative State of Mind

When listening to this heart chakra music, it moves you into a slow, creative state of mind. This energy gently nudges you away from draining competitive tasks until you feel a positive flow of energy that takes you with it.

As you continue to learn, resistance to the flow is what causes you to feel like there is a force to do something you don’t want to do. When the flow is strong around you or perhaps you’re more aware, then the ordinary tasks become irritable and you feel a strong pull to follow a different path of action.

• Video • Healing Heart Music • Sleep 4th Chakra

Courtesy of Sleep Easy Relax on YouTube.

• Bonus: Kindness Chant for Self-Assurance

4th chakra blessings

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