Blessings and Rituals • How to Contact Your Spirit Animal

Blessings and Rituals • How to Contact Your Spirit Animal

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As you move through your new self discoveries, you might find yourself forming attachments with Great Animal Spirits. Have you ever thought an animal was your true ally in life? Do some animals keep reappearing or are you simply drawn towards them? Surprisingly, this might be happening for reasons you don’t yet fully understand. However, when you learn how to contact your Spirit Animal, you gain an ally that will help you with your smudge rituals and your entire life.

Steps to Contacting Your Spirit Animal

Gather Your Tools

If you’re interested in getting in contact with your Spirit Animal, you will need to first assemble the right tools. Below, you will find a list of the things you need for this ritual.

  • Bowl or shell
  • Four stones
  • Large feather
  • Matches
  • Smudge stick

Step One • Lay Out the Four Stones

Form a diamond pattern with the four stones, keeping in mind their representation of the four Great Spirit Animals. First, ahead of you is the Buffalo in the North. Then, behind you to the South is the Coyote, along with Bear to the West, and Eagle to the East. You are now sitting in the middle of your Medicine Wheel.

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Step Two • Perform Self-Smudging

This step is to cleanse your being and ask for insight. So, light your smudge stick and perform your self-smudging ritual to prepare yourself for the next steps.

Step Three • Grounding Yourself

By sitting quietly inside your Medicine Wheel, you will “ground” yourself. By so doing, you feel yourself connecting to sky above and the earth below.

Step Four • Slowing Down

Feel your breathing slow down naturally. Also feel the regularity of your heart and breathing while slowing down.

Step Five • Spirit Animal Smudging

Now you will turn to face each direction within your Medicine Wheel. As you turn to each new direction, offer smudge to the Spirit Animal while asking for wisdom and insight. While you’re doing this, imagine the unique qualities of each one and think about the qualities that you both share. These might be qualities that you want to pay attention to for your own personal growth.

Step Six • Using Your Imagination

In this step you simply lay down after putting the sage safely inside its dish. Then, shut your eyes and envision lying in the center of a much larger Wheel deep in the country next to a creek, river, or lake. All the while, keep in mind the four Spirit Animals are standing vigil, each by one of the four stones.

Step Seven • Forge a Friendship

If you feel drawn towards a particular animal, use this step to envision yourself walking up to and talking to the animal. Start by asking if it’s alright to speak. If the response is positive, then it’s time to ask for guidance or advice. This is the first step towards building a friendship with your Spirit Animal.

Step Eight • Other Spirit Animals

Remarkably, you might not feel drawn to the four Spirit Animals standing by the rocks. If this happens, ask them if you can meet your Spirit Animal. The response will vary – it may be subtle or it may be bold – however, your animal or bird will appear to you sooner or later. But, have faith that it will happen when it is meant to do so.

Step Nine • Ask for Help

If you are now connecting with your Spiritual Animal, ask it to join you and be your protector and guide throughout all your smudging blessings and rituals. Be sure to show your gratitude if it agrees. In other words, remember to say thank you.

Step Ten • End with Smudging

In this step, you slowly open your eyes. Then, first offer smudging to your animal. Next, offer smudge to the four directions and their Spiritual Animals.

Continue to contact your spiritual animals regularly

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